Watch The Spice Girls Documentary About Their Brand New Musical

If you’re a fan of the Spice Girls (and who isn’t), you need to check out ITV’s documentary about Mel B, Mel C, Geri, Emma and Victoria. The entire episode is currently on YouTube, but it’s been uploaded by a user so I’m sure it’s not going to be there forever. Definitely include it as part of your post-Christmas hangover regime.

The documentary covers the groups meteoric rise over 15 years ago up to the premiere of their brand new West End musical, Viva Forever!. The stage production was co-created by Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous) and Judy Craymer (Mamma Mia) and incorporates the Spice Girls’ entire music catalogue.

Not surprisingly, the show has been panned by critics despite a deafening applause by the audience on opening night. The Spice Girls were never fully embraced by critics but were shown an overwhelming amount of love from fans throughout their career and reunion tour. Despite the less-than-stellar reviews, audiences leaving the show since it debuted have been seen singing “Stop” on the streets of London. Keep in mind, Les Miserables was first panned back in 1985 but went on to become one of the longest-running Broadway musicals of all-time. Plus, it has a movie adaptation currently out in theaters vying for this year’s Oscars. Guess those fools were wrong.

Even if Viva Forever! sucked balls big time, I’d still check it out the next time I’m in London (hopefully it’s still around). Check out the clip below which shows the girls reminiscing about the good old days. It’s interesting how each of them views their time on top. Like I said, it probably won’t be online forever, so watch it as soon as you can.

The Spice Girls Story: Viva Forever!

Would you watch the Spice Girls musical? What’s your favorite Spice Girls song? Mine is “Stop“. Sound off below.

  • Rebel

    God I miss them

  • Lukas A. James

    That took me back to such a wonderful time in life and music….what a pleasure….just when you think you’ve moved passed it…..a gem like this pulls you right back.

  • dorishoiles

    Lukas, my thoughts exactly, very memorable times and memories!

  • dorishoiles

    Lukas, my thoughts exactly, a wonderful time in my life and
    so many memories!

  • Fab

    What I really, really want is another reunion tour!

  • Jose

    oh wow, that took me waaaaay back to my high school years and the day I waited 8 hours in line to meet them here in New York @ Planet Hollywood …this documentary made me cry soooo much …happy tears though! thx for sharing 🙂

  • Michael Marcum

    My Favorite Spice Girls song is Move Over