Spencer Pratt Has Lost His Mind (But…Actually)

Spencer Pratt wasn’t invited to the Hills Finale Aftershow last night (nor was his rumored ex Heidi Montag) so, as Donovan told you his plan was, he had his own party on Hollywood Boulevard outside the Hills Finale. The guy has lost his shit and this only goes to show you what fame can do to an unstable person.

Perez Hilton was there to interview the hobo-looking villain who said that he thought he’d have his own party since he wasn’t invited to the main one. Spencer said, “LC does the list,” which was a ridiculous claim of course. Spencer was taking photos with “fans” when Perez asked him a few questions. When asked why he decided to come and make a scene outside the party when he wasn’t invited, he responded, “Cuz I spent a lot of time being hated, and I feel like I want a little bit of closure.” Hmm, that would be fair if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone’s safety would be at risk if he was actually there.

When asked what his message was to America and to fans he declared,””You will see the real Spencer Pratt, because I’m legally released now, so you get hear my obnoxious mouth on a larger obnoxious scale.” Well, quite obviously we are seeing the real Spencer Pratt and we have been for a while. The guy needs medication and professional help in a big way.

In addition to the Aftershow party, the actual final episode did not include Spencer and Heidi (they were actually not included in most of the season), Spencer having previously been suspended from the show for threatening the life of one of the production team members while Heidi was excluded from the show after she accused the show creator, Adam Divello of sexually harassing her and her plastic person. It was actually easily to incorporate this in the “storyline” with Heidi and Spencer both cutting their families out of their lives, which include one of the leads, Stephanie Pratt, and peripheral Holly Montag. All of the cast tried to reach out to them, but they are too far gone.

The Aftershow showed an emotional montage of Heidi Montag before Spencer Pratt, showing a young woman full of life, cheer, and who was a real, genuine person people liked to be around. The clip brought Heidi’s sister Holly to tears, her and her mother not having spoken to Heidi in months and having no way to reach her.

Check out a video of his madness below:

  • wade

    So now….is Spencer just playing the role of a crazy man with the full make up and wig? It’s almost as if he’s mocking his own media persona in dressing as a dirty hobo. But I think therein lies his insanity.