Homorazzi Hits The Hills: Spencer and Heidi’s Pasadena Wedding


While on the plane to L.A., Adam had asked me which celebrity I would be most excited about seeing. I told him if I saw Brody or Lauren from The Hills it would make my trip. My response had him howling and he continued to mock me for days about the unlikeliness/impossibility of me bumping into them. After what transpired this afternoon, all I have to say to Adam is SUCK ON THIS.

While waiting for everyone to get ready, I read on a blog that Spencer and Heidi were going to tie the knot this weekend. What are the odds that the one weekend we were in Los Angeles would be the same weekend Speidi would get married. Patrick- who has never seen an episode- quickly jumped on board to help me find The Hills taping. After doing some research, I found out that the wedding ceremony would be taking place at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena and the reception at The Pasadena Museum of California Art. To the dismay of Brian and Adam, Patrick and I made them go with us for this silly trip. Since we had no idea about what time the ceremony and taping would take place, and it was our last full day in town, we decided to not devote a lot of our time for this excursion. After having a leisurely morning and a quick jaunt to the Grove for some shopping and food, we drove to Pasadena around 5 PM.

When we finally found the church (thanks google maps), we saw tons of paparazzi and fans lined up across the street from the church. People were literally standing on neighboring lawns and balconies to get that elusive shot. You should’ve seen the set-up involved with taping this episode. From the amount of security, road closures, cameramen, cranes and baseball stadium type lighting, I can’t even imagine how much MTV spent to shoot this scene. We must’ve had horseshoes stuck up our asses cuz we timed the whole event perfectly. We waited maybe 30 minutes before we started spotting the entire Hills cast. Some of the fans and paparazzi had been waiting since 11 AM! Eeks. I don’t think I could ever devote that time to stalk any celebrity.


Don’t go any further if you don’t want the episode spoiled for you. So here’s the lowdown of what we saw. In attendance, we spotted The Hills cast members and peripherals including Audrina Patridge, Justin Bobby, Frankie Delgado, Lo Bosworth, Brent Bolthouse, Brody Jenner (who was looking might fine), Holly Montag and Stephanie Pratt who were both dressed in yellow bridesmaid dresses. The previous list of people mentioned were all expected to show but there were a few surprise guests. Here they are from least shocking to most.

NOTE: A first look at Spencer & Heidi’s Pasadena Wedding. We immediately put together this video together before our last night in Los Angeles. Don’t forget to click on HQ for a higher quality version of the video.

4. Stacie- If you’re watching the current season of the Hills, you’ll recognize this girl as the sexy, hot bartender that caused the bar brawl between Spencer and Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend. I guess Heidi must’ve forgiven both Spencer and Stacie for their mutual flirting ‘cuz she was there front and center.

3. Perez Hilton– Dressed in a grey suit with a hoodie, The Queen of All Media was there as well. I wonder if he was actually invited or just crashed the nuptials since he always mocks Speidi on his blog.

2. Kristin Cavallari– Lauren’s former nemesis on Laguna Beach was also there for this festive occasion. She even waved to the crowd when a few of the fans yelled her name. I guess the rumours must be true that she’ll be joining the cast of The Hills for a few episodes next season when Lauren leaves the show.

1. Lauren Conrad– I guess this really isn’t that shocking but people were still wondering if she would show. As recently as Friday, Lauren joked on the David Letterman show about not attending the wedding and selling her invitation on eBay. I guess in the end, the script called for her to come for another “reconciliation“. LOL. Immediately after the ceremony- while all the other attendees waited by the limo to send off the newly married couple off- Lauren quickly left from the side of the church to a marked limo that whisked her away.


After waiting a few more minutes, Spencer and Heidi finally came out of the church and gave the public a show. The new Mr. & Mrs. Pratt stood on the church footsteps and kissed while the crowd cheered on. They were even nice enough to wave to the fans and blow a few kisses our way. After seeing first-hand what transpired, I can’t wait to see how all this pans out when MTV edits it and airs in a few months. The Homorazzi crew would like to congratulate Spencer and Heidi on their wedding. Let’s hope this time, the wedding actually took place and it wasn’t just another publicity ploy.

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SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: According to Access Hollywood, Lauren Conrad was the one who caught the bouquet that Heidi threw. I find this fact interesting since we saw Lauren leave in a car much earlier than the bouquet tossing. When Heidi threw the bouquet, I could’ve sworn she said Lauren’s name but dismissed it as being some other “Lauren”. It’ll be interesting to see what MTV shows when this episode airs. Reports also say that Spencer faked an apology to Lauren to get her at the wedding. If the apology was fake then Spencer you’re a bigger douche than I thought.

Check us out on The Hills Aftershow talking about our experience.

  • LOVE this post – how exciting! I can’t wait to see how this unfolds on the show. Thanks for the video!

  • Brad

    Wow, congrats guys on making it on to the “The After Show”!. I only discovered your site yesterday and fell instantly in love. While watching the After Show I totally said to myself “They should show the homorazzi footage” and next thing I know there you guys are! Anyways guys, keep up the awesome work!

  • John

    The only thing more annoying then the Hills… the majority of the homorazzi cast.

  • Alright, I’m insanely jealous of your Heidi/Spencer Wedding experience, but I have to admit that I’m a thousand times more envious of you getting to talk to Dan and Jesse.

    Damn You Homorazzians!

  • Joe

    Yeah I have to say, you homorazzi guys are like wannabe fans. You didn’t crash the wedding, you happened to be standing outside like anyone else could have.