Spencer Herbert – A Gay Politician for the Gaybourhood


It doesn’t matter if you lean to the left or right… or go straight up the middle, Vancouver’s West End has someone we can all get behind. There’s a sentence that could make your gramma blush, but I’m not talking dirty; I’m talking about politics; I’m talking about a young, vibrant, outgoing and outspoken politician; I’m talking about Spencer Herbert.

At the end of the day, I don’t really care who you vote for, or who you support- I just want you to get engaged, find out a little more about your local politics, and vote! I really like Spencer and I think- at the very least- he deserves a bit of your time. So here is your chance to find out a little more about Spencer Herbert, our openly gay representative running for reelection in the riding of Vancouver- West End.

If you’ve never voted before, he’s someone I think you’ll be proud to lose your electoral virginity to! My boyfriend Riley lost his back in October and LOVED it. And, no clean up afterwards either! (Okay, that DID get a bit dirty).

Check out Spencer’s Facebook page.

Spencer’s not even 30 and he’s already making a splash on the provincial political scene. He was elected back in October in a by-election and became the Opposition Arts and Culture Critic. Since then, he has promoted new laws to protect renters in the West End from unfair evictions, fought back against out of control rent increases, introduced legislation to protect Britney-loving concert goers like us from Ticketmaster’s latest rip-off scheme, spoken out against violence in the West End, and protested a dramatic $13.6 million government cut to the Arts.

Spencer has quickly become known for his unabashed pride for the diversity of the West End. He took a whole gaggle of drag royalty to Victoria to be officially recognized by the Legislature as community leaders for the very first time. Check out Xtra West’s account of the whole proceedings, including the decorum spat about tiaras and sashes! OMG. Who doesn’t love tiaras!?! Okay, I might be a bit biased there…

Want to find out more about the May 12 provincial election? Need to register? Check out http://www.elections.bc.ca.

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  • Jesse B

    Hosting drag queens at the leg. Your tax dollars hard at work.

  • Jesse B… you forgot to mention that these are Drag Queens who support some really great charities and community groups like Covenant House, which helps provided shelter for homeless and abused youth. They also support the Metro Vancouver Dream Centre which helps disenfranchised members of our community build new skills and find work.

  • Jesse B

    In response to the Hon. Rich, Minister of taking things too seriously, I’d like to rebut and bring forth two sub-sectioned points for the public record.

    1) Lots of people from innumerable identity constructs do community work without provincial legislative recognition.
    a) The money wasted to host guests would be better spent given to their groups.
    b) The time wasted to host/recognize guests would be better spent debating/solving the social issues these groups are concerned with.
    2) The whole legislative process in this province is a farce and until it is reformed and modernized (electorally etc.) waste, such as this will remain rampant.
    a) This reform will most likely never take place as…
    i. public is stupid
    ii. politicians love stunts for electoral purposes

    As an aside, isn’t just wonderful to have the “community” media
    devote a large chunk of the story to Shirley Bonds unpleasant face and to the fact they weren’t allowed to wear tiara’s even though the little girls were. Rich, why don’t you write the paper another lament asking them to focus on the fine charity work rather than stoking victim mentality.

  • A lot of people question our electoral system, but this year those people who want change… or think the status quo is just fine… can actually do something about it. There will be another referendum on electoral reform. May 12.

    Learn about both sides at

    I don’t take tiaras and sashes that seriously… well maybe a little… they’re so pretty, but I do take my vote seriously.

  • Jesse B

    p.s. I loved your melrose place post.