Speidi vs. The Insider Panel


Although I watch The Hills each week (which is getting faker by the second) and I make spoofs of the couple, I seriously, seriously dislike Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. A HUGE part of the last few seasons was the fact that Lauren Conrad did not want to be friends with Heidi anymore because Spencer was a douche and he had changed her for the worse. Well, God was she ever right. These two are out of control. They just came out with a book on how to become famous which has given them a new circuit of media interviews. They embarrassed themselves and humankind by their “performance” on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” and now they are only getting worse with this extremely childish and hate-filled argument with The Insider Panel, stemming from the fact that Al Roker had had a scheduling conflict with an interview he were supposed to have with Speidi, and Spencer “The Villain” decided to take it to Twitter, calling Roker fat and that he looked like he was going to die soon.

You know what, maybe they do have this fame thing down. I’m talking about them, The Insider is arguing with them, and isn’t any press good press? I don’t know anymore. The Insider Panel say that their 15 minutes will be up soon, and I really do hope that this is true. The two really irk me – especially Heidi. Spencer’s a jerk, fine… whatever…he was raised that way. But Heidi pretends to be on this religious, moral high ground, yet she’s absolutely just as bad as Spencer, except with less brains and more plastic surgery. She’s merely a puppet and an embarrassment to her family.

You have to see this video.