Gays Can’t Marry But Speidi Can Reproduce?


Remember Heidi & Spencer? They were the one on that show called The Hills that started sucking & all the cool people started leaving, and the show kinda got slaughtered by Jersey Shore? Then they went on that reality game show “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!” and made a fool of themselves, saying that NBC tortured Heidi? Oh, and then they got in a fight with Al Roker, telling people he looked like death? And they “wrote a book” on how to be a celebrity? Then Heidi tried to have a music career and sold a whopping seven hundred and something albums? Then she kept on getting plastic surgery so she could keep thanking Jesus for how plastic pretty she is? Well anyway, they’re running out ways to stay relevant in the public eye…so rumor has it, they planning on…gulp…reproducing!

In Touch magazine is reporting that a friend of Heidi’s has informed them that, “Heidi wants to have a baby. She also knows it will probably generate a lot of attention.” This does not surprise me one bit, but Arnold, you have to stop them! How is it fair that Ellen and Portia, two upstanding citizens that are genuinely in love, can’t get married, and these two nut jobs are allowed to duplicate, and that’s okay? What an example they set. Have a baby for fame. Oh, there’s more…

The source has also said that they have already signed papers for an exclusive photo deal for their baby’s photos.

“She’s not even pregnant yet, but she and Spencer have already signed the papers…They’re planning staged photos every step of the way — the pregnancy, the birth and, of course, the very first baby picture.”

Imagine the poor baby that is going to be completely taken advantage of when he or she enters the world of wacko. It’s really quite sad. I wish Spencer had gone through with the fake vasectomy that they had “entertained” us with on the last season of The Hills.

  • Adam A.

    WHAT THE F#$%. The only reason that they are doing this is because they know that we will give it attention. They are going to have a child to keep them relevant in pop culture. The only person to blame is us for feeding into it, and putting those two pathetic freaks on covers of magazines.