Spartacus Gay Guide Reveals Top LGBT-Friendly Travel Destinations

Since 1970, the Spartacus International Gay Guide has given the low down on popular travel destinations. Instead of just focusing on nightlife, their index covers local laws relating to gay marriage, death penalty for homosexuals, HIV travel restrictions and more. All in all, there are 14 categories the publication considers to determine the LGBT friendliness of all 138 destinations they cover.

Coming in at the top slot is Sweden. The land of IKEA scored well for its anti-discrimination laws, gay unions and marketing specifically aimed at the LGBT community. Most of the Top 10 is comprised of European countries. The only exceptions are Canada and Uruguay which placed sixth and ninth respectively.

For our American readers, you didn’t fare very well. The United States landed in the middle of the pack at No. 38– tied with Aruba, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Croatia, Curacao, Hungary, Italy, Mexico and Thailand. Anti-gay laws and lack of marriage equality in several parts of the country contributed to its low ranking. At the very bottom of the list is Iran which probably isn’t a surprise to most of you. Check out the Top 10 and Bottom 10 below.

Spartacus Gay Guide – Top 10 LGBT Friendly Destinations

  • 1. Sweden
  • 2. Belgium
  • 2. France
  • 2. Netherlands
  • 2. United Kingdom
  • 6. Canada
  • 6. Denmark
  • 6. Iceland
  • 9. Norway
  • 9. Spain
  • 9. Uruguay

Spartacus Gay Guide – Bottom 10 LGBT Friendly Destinations

  • 127. Vatican City
  • 127. Bahrain
  • 127. Maledives
  • 130. Malaysia
  • 131. Egypt
  • 132. Nigeria
  • 132. Tanzania
  • 134. Jamaica
  • 134. Jordan
  • 134. Russia
  • 137. United Arab Emirates
  • 137. Iran

For the complete list, click here.

  • JMC

    Australia tying with Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland and French Polynesia… Good grief.

  • beachballsify2

    hmmm…. Australia should’ve been higher…seriously Sydney is just packed with local and international gays

  • justin

    i dont understand why they used some of these indexes to rank countries. your their to visit not live so why would some of this stuff even matter.

  • Laurine

    My best friend is a gay Iranian. He’s afraid of going to Iran and visit his family over there because of how they treat homosexuals. I really feel for him and want him to be accepted everywhere.

  • EvChemical

    ^ Just because you don’t live there, doesn’t mean you are exempt from local laws. There are horror stories all the time of people being thrown in jail (or worse) just for being gay, regardless of citizenship status in the country. Most counts I’ve read are from the countries in the bottom 10 list.

  • Noah

    I’m a gay Jamaican living in the United Arab Emirates imagine my life.

  • Ivan

    A little too general. Go to Bali in Indonesia and it’s very gay friendly. Go to other areas in the country and you have to be careful. Just glad I live in Canada – with my husband (legally recognized 🙂

  • Dubai – Rashed

    The UAE is not gay friendly at all! you can NOT be your self in here!