SpandyAndy: Canada’s Freshest Dancer


Every heard of SpandyAndy? He’s a local here in Vancouver and he’s just been awarded the title of Canada’s Freshest Dancer. In a contest called Get Fresh! & Dance, sponsored by Colgate, dancers submitted videos of themselves dancing. The Top 5 were selected to compete in Toronto, where one would win the title and a cheque for $10,000. The winner was SpandyAndy.

This is how SpandyAndy himself describing when he won:

The judges gave me some amazing feedback. The comments from RT! made the most impact on me. He told me how he could see behind all the spandex and silliness there actually was a lot of potential for me as a performer. I then headed down to the bottom of the stage to await the calculations from the judges. All the SpandyAndy fans pushed their way to the front so we could get pictures together and congratulated me on my performance. They all told me they thought I won. My performance was so much different then any of the others. I knew Colgate was looking for Canada’s Freshest Dancer. The rules when entering were that you could NOT be a professional dancer. So they weren’t looking for the best technical dancer, they were looking for the freshest dancer. We were all called on stage and they started with 3rd place then 2nd. 2nd place was an amazing Bboy named Stuntz one of the best Bboys I have danced with. He also busks on the street and has been dancing for over 5 years. Once I heard he was 2nd I was sure I had it. 😀 Then they announced it, “SpandyAndy is Canada’s FRESHEST Dancer”. I had never been so excited in my life. I was jumping around like CRAZY!! They played Celebration and I was flying in the clouds. I danced around the stage like SpandyAndy X 2 and then poured an entire tube of toothpaste into my mouth. It was hilarious. I almost gagged and then was handed the cheque for $10,000 from Colgate. I secretly spit out the toothpaste behind it. No one should ever swallow that much toothpaste as good as it tastes haha.


I saw SpandyAndy several times this past summer at English Bay, in front of the Art Gallery, etc. He’s everywhere! So what is he all about? Well here is his mission, as stated on his site:

I love to entertain. Making people laugh, smile, or even give me a bizarre stare, is so fulfilling. Ever since I was a child I have been off the wall. To combat bullying or any harassment I would get weirder and weirder. The bullies wouldn’t know how to handle it. I’ve now realized that’s what shaped my life.

By being SpandyAndy I put myself out there to show the world you don’t have to be afraid. It’s unbelievable how many people are afraid. There are even people afraid of a 5 foot guy dancing around in colorful spandex to 90’s beats. Think about it for a second lol.

What’s my goal?
1. Perform
2. Inspire
3. Spread Smiles
4. Support myself doing this as my career.

Thank you everyone who supports my dream!

Stay tight and bright,

Check out a video complication of him at English Bay this past summer:

  • Josh

    Are you kidding me!? NO ONES commented on this!? Spandyandy is a vancouver legend. Good on ya spandy!