Recently Nic turned me onto a little known 2011 indie flick: “Sound of My Voice“. It’s a trip. Honestly, I have a huge appreciation for the “Blair Witch” style productions that shoestring budget their way to a well done result. This… let’s call it a drama/sci fi/thriller does not depend on explosions or CGI to make you watch the screen closely, this one is all about the script. Not to ruin anything, “Sound of My Voice” follows two film makers as they attempt to infiltrate a cult led by the hauntingly gorgeous and C-list (hopefully not much longer) actress Brit Marling who purports to be from the near, apocalyptic future. On premise alone, I was definitely down to try this one out. In a time where originality is harder and harder to spot, I zoomed in on this piece like a shot. And, was happy for it.

The movie nearly entirely occurs in the cult’s basement but you don’t care. The outfits are mostly white robes, but again you don’t care. You’re too entranced by the enigmatic leader and her agressive but soothing words as she syren songs her followers to the weirdest ends. Speaking of ends, while I’ll give NOTHING away I will say that the conclusion of this one is no let down and answers the myriad of questions- to a point- that will inevitably arise as you watch this one.

While Brit isn’t the main stars of the movie- instead it’s a couple of lesser known actors who kind of annoy more than they connect with you because of their hipster whining attitudes and inability to get their shit together. Again though, the only character you want to understand and follow is the crazy cultess herself as she paints herself simultaneously as both martyr and saviour. The movie is not for those requiring something fast paced or completely realistic as this movie is neither of those things. It IS however smart, well-shot and almost addictive in nature. You’ll question whether you would fall for her controlling words and appreciate the desperate desire of her followers to believe in something bigger and more important than themselves.

Don’t worry, this isn’t just some “drink the koolaid” and jump of the bridge lemming style movie, there’s plenty of twists to keep you completely engaged for the entirety. I absolutely recommend this for a mid-week brain relax as you attempt to distract from a hard a day at work or to watch with a boyfriend and discuss “what you think just happened” afterwords. Enjoy and let me know what you think!