Box Office Bitches: Sorority Chicks vs. Ice Picks


This Friday, we have two horror/thriller’s going head to head in the box office. Of course there is The September Issue (the real life version of the The Devil Wears Prada), and although Anna Wintour can be a bit of a horror in her own rite, I’m not gonna throw it into the mix the other two films of the same genre. In one corner, we have a group of bitchy valley girls getting slashed “I Know What You Did Last Summer” style. In the other, we have the sexy, sultry Kate Beckinsale off investigating murders in the barren cold darkness of Antarctica.

Sorority Row
Tagline: Sisters for Life…and Death
The Plot: A group of sorority girls (including Rumer Willis) pledge to keep mum on the accidental death of one of their sisters (Audrina Patridge); after graduation, however, they find themselves stalked by a serial killer who seems bent on eliminating the Theta Pi girls one by one. Briana Evigan, who plays Cassidy in the film, had a line in her previous theatrical feature, Step Up 2: The Streets (2008), saying “It’s like I’ve landed in an episode of “The Hills”. In Sorority Row (2009), she ironically co-stars alongside “Hills” cast member, Audrina Patridge. The R-rated film was originally supposed to be released on October 2nd, but it got bumped up. This film could be compared to Prom Night (which last year brought in $20.8 million) should bring in the same type of crowd: young women, gore lovers, and guys who like the hot chicks in the film. For anyone on first dates or all those kids that just went back to school, this might be the thing to do this weekend.

Opening weekend prediction: $14 million


White Out
Tagline: See Your Last Breath
The Plot: A U.S. marshal (Kate Beckinsale), the only one assigned to Antarctica, must investigate a murder there within three days before the Antarctic winter begins. This film was actually being worked on as far back as 2002, AND they originally had pegged Reese Witherspoon for the lead, but Kate was the producer’s (Joel Silver) first choice. Interesting…that would have been cool as I have not seen Reese in many roles like this. So this Rated R for Rawsome film is not so much a horror film but it’s more of a suspense thriller. It was directed by Dominic Sena, who also directed Gone in 60 Seconds and Swordfish. Kate is no stranger to dark movies either – she does them all. I think the first time I saw her was in Brokedown Palace. Anyway, she was in that super scary movie Vacancy (where she checked into the motel of death) and plays a vampire in The Underworld movies.

Opening weekend prediction $10 million

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I love thrillers and Kate Beckinsale, and I’m sure I am going to love White Out, but this movie has simply not received as much publicity as Sorority Row and thus will not make as much moolah, even though it is opening in approximately 200 more theaters than Sorority Row.

  • Baha i watched a preview months ago for “sorority row” while on a date and we turned to each other KNOWING we had to see the movie when it came out… i’m sure it’ll be horrible, but really that’s the best reason to watch most movies these days 😉