Are you giving your head a big scratch at that title? As much as I love Britney Spears, I too am a little puzzled. Rob Sheffield who is the writer of their Pop Life blog just released his list of the Top 25 Songs of 2011. I assumed Adele would once again grace the top of the list. To my surprise, she didn’t even crack the Top 10. Yes, you read that correctly. Atop the list is one of Britney’s non-singles, How I Roll which is easily one of my least favorites from her Femme Fatale album.

Rob’s list is drastically different from the previously published Top Singles of 2011 also released by Rolling Stone. However, there are some tracks on the list that I do thoroughly enjoy that didn’t get much recognition on any year end lists or throughout the year. I am talking about tracks like Rewrite by Paul Simon and Beth/Rest by Bon Iver.

The biggest shock of the list for me is the insertion of Friday by Rebecca Black. I am sorry, but what? Yes, the track was a viral sensation and I’m sure there isn’t one person out there who doesn’t know the lyrics but seriously, #8 on the list? How did that happen? One thing is for sure, Rob enjoys himself some Nicki Minaj. She appears on three of the tracks in the full list. Check out this somewhat whack list of tracks below.

Rolling Stone’s Top 25 Songs Of 2011

1. Britney Spears“How I Roll”
2. Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj“Dance (A$$) (Remix)”
3. Beyonce“Countdown”
4. EMA“California”
5. Bon Iver“Beth/Rest”
6. Jay-Z and Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean“No Church In The Wild”
7. Pistol Annies“Hell On Heels”

8. Rebecca Black“Friday”
9. Nicki Minaj“Super Bass”
10. Stevie Nicks“Annabel Lee”
11. Rihanna“We Found Love”
12. Destroyer“Kaputt”
13. Azealia Banks“212?
14. Kurt Vile“Runner Ups”

15. Adele“Rolling In The Deep”
16. Radiohead“Separator”
17. Neon Indian“Fallout”
18. Thurston Moore“Mina Loy”
19. The Horrors“Still Life”
20. Xeno and Oaklander“Sets and Lights”
21. Paul Simon“Rewrite”

22. Avril Lavigne“What the Hell”
23. Yuck“Get Away”
24. Nicki Minaj“Girlfriend”
25. Lady Gaga“The Edge Of Glory”

What do you think of Rob’s list? Sound off below.