I Want to Be a Dancer!

Last weekend I was doing one of my favorite things while cooking breakfast on a Saturday morning… Watching a recording of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2008).  Something struck me on this particular viewing, what do the lyrics to our favorite songs really supposed to tell us? This year’s fashion show was packed full of these puzzling lyrics…. So, I went to work on google and dissected some of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show soundtrack:

peter-bjorn-john-writers-blockPeter, Bjorn & John: We don’t care about the young folks? (Young folks)

killersKillers: Are we human or are we dancers? (Human)
chris-brown-exclusiveChris Brown: You’re like Jordan’s on a Saturday? (With You)

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Here’s what I’ve learned:

Peter, Bjorn & John –  A political social statement or just a hatred for Children?  Opinions differ.

Killers – To say opinions differ would be an understatement.  There is so much interpretation of this song you can make it into whatever you want it to be.  I believe that you have a choice of convention (human) or self expression (dancer)… I want to be a dancer!!

Finally, Chris Brown – Jordan’s on Saturday is actually the easiest one to explain.  Air Jordan shoes are released on Saturdays; so, if you’re a Nike Jordan fanatic you will already know what Chris is talking about.

  • Ken

    “Are we human or are we dancer” refers to a quote by Hunter S. Thompson, the author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He was saying that Americans were raising a generation of dancers, people who move to the same beat and are afraid to think for themselves. 🙂