Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To: Awkward To Know We Are Young

My faith in music has been restored this month. After a stagnant, stale couple of musical months I find myself reinvigorated by great indie bands like Fujiya & Miyagi, Queen of Hearts, and Katy B. Even though I still Ladi Dadi on a daily basis with Wynter and Aoki, a late winter has me hipstering a little more than I’m used to. And so follows a slightly skinny jeans and unwashed hair playlist to suit my mood. Nothing too new, but songs you should know if you already don’t.

1. “Somebody I Used to Know” – Gotye

I’ve spent a lot of time living in Australia, and I was listening to Gotye over there years ago before I even knew who he was. Makes sense considering he had a whopping five years between his last albums! Gotye is truly an artist, and one that tugs on your heart strings and makes you dance at the same time. A few days ago, when it was Australia Day, Triple J, the greatest radio station on earth, as usual had their hottest 100 of the year to celebrate. It was no surprise this song got number 1.

2. “Awkward” – San Cisco

Okay forgive my trek through the aussie outback today but here’s another great band from down under. Even though just a couple of EP’s deep, I smell *sniff* *sniff*, yup, a future for this catchy four piece. They were brought to the limelight by Triple J’s “Unearthed” contest which features unsigned bands. Their sound is a little Juno, a little skippy dippy happy fun, and a whole lot of hook. Try to get it out of your head, I dare you.

3. “We Are Young: – Fun. feat. Janelle Monae

AGAIN, not new, but not Australian this time, SO give and take really. You’re gonna hear this song and be like “OH THAT SONG” which is exactly what I did. I recognized it from Glee after sectionals, and from a couple random radio plays, but it really is anthemic AND has Janelle in it and I do love me some Monae. At least they don’t lie: they are “fun”.

  • “anthemic”. did dono get you watching Platinum Hit there Jewel? Love.