Singapore’s LGBT Community Look Forward To “Someday” In Touching Campaign Video

Not gonna lie, my eyes got a bit watery on this one. In a touching new campaign video to promote “Pink Day 2012” in Singapore, we see & hear the hopes of many as they look forward to “Someday” when things will be different for the LGBT community. As the description to the video reads, “Find out what are some of the realities of being lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) in Singapore, and the yearnings for a more enlightened future.”

Pink Dot occurs on June 30, 2012 where people show their solidarity for equality to make “Someday” come sooner. By wearing pink or putting pink dot on your vehicle, etc., people visibly show their support for equality and stand up against discrimination. It is unfortunate that right now, positive representations of LGBT people are disallowed or heavily restricted in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and film in Singapore; 377A is the section of the Singapore Penal Code that criminalizes sex between male adults.

Kudos to everyone involved in making this video and those involved with the Pink Dot campaign. I hope that “Someday” comes very soon for Singapore. Watch the video below to see they are yearning for.

  • Steve-O

    Its soo hypocritical that the Singaporean Government keeps 377A, but actively admits that it is rarely inforced and is only used to prevent gays from push for legal rights. Make a whole mockery of the rule of law.