Soldier Tells His Dad He’s Gay Over The Phone… And Films It

Randy Phillips, an handsome American Soldier (currently stationed in Germany) recently uploaded a video of himself coming out to his father (who lives in Alabama) over the phone. In the description of the video, Phillips says, “Called my dad to tell him the hardest thing that gay guys will ever have to say.” Amen to that. Coming out to my parents was the hardest thing I’ve ever done as well.

The video, which has over 2.5 million views already, is pretty epic. To capture such a life changing conversation, that many of us have gone through, is pretty magical. I’m glad he did it, and I’m glad he shared it with others. I’m sure it has and will continue to inspire those still afraid to utter the words, “I’m gay,” to their parents. I know when I came out I beat around the bush as much as possible saying, “I don’t like girls.” It was almost impossible to say the word “gay,” but eventually I did.

Phillips wasn’t sure when he’d see his father again, having already been away for almost a year now – so he figured he should just tell him now. I should also note that Phillips uploaded the video the day that DADT was officially repealed. What a great way to celebrate! Watch the video below. Hope it makes your day like it did mine!

  • Brian

    So happy to finally know his name. Many of us have been following him on his journey for months on youtube as areyousurprised. So proud of him and his father.

  • OOOOOOOOOOOO When i saw this it made my skin crawl.
    While kudos for finally coming out and that’s amazing, coming out is not supposed to be such a selfish thing. It’s hard for parents as well as for the whoever is coming but in a different way.

    If I found out my kid did this to me I would smack him one. So incosiderate of the fathers feelings in this all to get hits on his youtube page. No i hate this. Not cool.

  • You have no idea that he didn’t talk to his dad/family before he posted it and therefore have no grounds to call him inconsiderate. The people that he is probably inspiring by sharing this experience/moment is bigger than that.

  • Perception is reality.
    Hits on youtube.

  • czahn

    Tommy D….get a fucking life! you idiot! what the fuck have you done for your country apart from having an opinion! Perception is reality….well doing something from the heart is real life! asshole!

  • curtis P

    Tommy he didn’t stream it live, he posted it after the fact. I’m sure he just wanted to share not only his brave act but his dad’s loving response. If my dad had reacted the way his did I would want to share it with the world too, and if my son posted something online showing me behaving like an unconditionaly loving father, my first reaction wouldn’t be to slap him!

  • tim

    Hits on youtube or not, real or fake, this is a pretty good video. First, I think as a community we should be happy to see this regardless, especially from a member of the armed forces. Secondly, if it is a fake (which no one is claiming, but I questioned at first) it is STILL a wonderful example.