I have to premise this by saying I am a huge Beyoncé cheerleader and no party at Donovan’s is the same without my personal rendition of “Dance For You” (fan and all). But I think I just fell in love with the other sister.

Now I haven’t followed her career closely, but know that commercial success has somewhat eluded the shadow she may or may not have allegedly lived in (how’s the for PC?). I do know that Donovan wrote about a single she released that was made with Chromeo. This is where my knowledge of Solange remains, until, that is, tonight.

Thanks to the magic of the internugget, I find that she’s soon releasing her third studio album under an independent label that is new to her. And it seems at first glance, that it is really working for her.

This new single is “Losing You“, and everything comes together in a magical and original fashion for Solange’s sound and image. I feel like she hit the nail on the head. This organic and urban Velvet Rope/”Doo Wop” Lauryn Hill-style 60’s inspired video combined with a vaguely late 80’s early 90’s sound is screwing with my head in the best way possible. And good for her for doing something out of the box. She could have kept pounding the pavement with the Knowles family pop legacy or found a label that is clearly making sense for her.

This song has been on repeat all night and is on my iPod for tomorrow morning. A big win for Solange.

Solange ‘Losing You’ Music Video