Sofi Tukker Debuts ‘F*ck They’ Music Video

Fuck They” is a defiant, empowering anthem with a kiss-off attitude from New York-based Sofi Tukker. The musical duo, consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, co-wrote it with the help of Scissor Sisters‘ Jake Shears and Evermore’s Jon Hume.

Maybe you don’t recognize their name, but you’ve certainly heard their music. The band’s “Drinkee” and “Awoo” have been used in Apple Watch and Old Navy commercials respectively. This new offering is just as sassy and infectious as their previous singles. They’re definitely an act to keep an eye on. Expect big things from them.

Sofi Tukker recently premiered the accompanying visual for their new single. They explained below the inspiration and process behind the clip directed by Mac Boucher.

“F— They’ is a song about anything that holds you back from being exactly who you are, so we wanted to make a video that showcases parts of our personalities that have been suppressed. We wanted to make sure it was personal, so we actually wrote the video treatment ourselves. Tucker had a college coach who had a preconception of what a basketball player was supposed to be like and wanted to force him into that box. When Tucker’s personality didn’t fit, he made life miserable for him and took all the joy out of basketball, his lifelong love. That’s why the video starts the way it does 🙂

And Sophie stands up — or rather, sits down — in a squat in every scene because that’s exactly how she likes to sit. We were so lucky to find Mac Boucher, who was willing to work on our crazy treatment with us. He enhanced our vision beyond what we could have ever imagined. He is one of our favorite directors; we are huge fans of all the work he does with Grimes and we feel so lucky we got to work with him. The vibe on the set of this music video was incredible. The whole crew felt like a bunch of friends getting overly excited, laughing all weekend. We brought our friend Olivia Perdoch to do the styling and we got to wear clothes by one of our favorite designers and people, Johnson at Libertine. We spent three long, crazy days together in Toronto and were giddy the entire time in part because we were feeling so grateful that we got to work with such talented, kind weirdos. We were all pushing each other to do something a little more outrageous with each take. It really fit the spirit of the song! We also brought our nutty genius of a friend Danny Moon to do some of his signature art and paints throughout the video, and he features in the video — as does the beautiful wolf-dog, Chester. We hope the spirit of joy, inclusivity, and freedom that we felt those couple of days translates into the video!”

Sofi Tukker ‘Fuck They’ Music Video