Sofi Tukker’s ‘Best Friend’ Gets Coveted iPhone X Ad Spot

When it comes to having their music licensed for commercials, Sofi Tukker is quickly becoming a seasoned vet in that department. The New York-based musical duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern have already had their singles “Drinkee” and “Awoo” used in Apple Watch and Old Navy ads respectively. They just snagged their biggest spot yet.

Apple snagged the duo’s new track “Best Friend” to unveil the iPhone X. The infectious bop is a collaboration with The Knocks, NERVO and Alisa Ueno. Sophie and Tucker explained on YouTube that the track is a celebration of friendship. They go on to individually thank the aforementioned collaborators for their support and inspiration. Read their full explanation below, and check out “Best Friend” in full afterward.

“This song is a celebration of our favorite thing ever: friendship. It’s about the kind of friendship where you can talk forever without anything in particular to talk about. Old friends, new friends, all friends! In the spirit of friendship, we just wanted to have some of our friends hop on a verse! We’ve been lucky enough to travel the world this past year and the best part of the journey is the friendships we have made and the friendships we have been lucky enough to revisit along the way. We (Soph and Tuck) have also become each other’s best friend over the past few years, and we are so grateful to each other!

Our friendship with The Knocks is what gave us the confidence to pursue a career in music, thank you Broc and Jpatt! NERVO, newer friends, inspire us and motivate us to push ourselves and be relentlessly positive, thank you Mim and Liv! Alisa Ueno is a brand new friend who we share a ton of mutual friends with and we are also building a new friendship with Japan. We are so looking forward to going back! This track is especially fun because now we have an excuse to perform together, shoot a music video together and generally share the joy of music with some of our favorite people.

To the friends we have had long before SOFI TUKKER, the friends we have met along the way, and the friends we have not even met yet, you all make our lives so much better: this song is dedicated to all of you! -Soph & Tuck” – via YouTube

iPhone X — Apple

Sofi Tukker ft. The Knocks, NERVO & Alisa Ueno ‘Best Friend’