Cans, bottles, cardboard, and glass are just some of the things that impact the environment every time you buy soda(s) or sparkling water from your local convenience store. We’re all guilty of it. But, did you know there a product out there that makes it possible for you to make your own at home using reusable bottles? It’s called SodaStream and it allows you to use tap water into sparking water in 3 seconds. Following that you can add flavor to it if you wish, and voila!

After seeing the product being demoed at Macy’s in Seattle, the company was gracious enough to have sent me one to try out and after seeing it in my kitchen and trying it out first hand (making them, and drinking them) I believe this is gonna be / should be one of the must haves for Christmas this year.

You make the drinks using these sleek & trendy drink mixers (which don’t require batteries or electricity) that add carbonation to the water in just three seconds from their lightweight aluminum carbonators. They have varying sizes of carbonators, allowing for 60 to 130 liters of carbonated soft drinks. Party!

If you want more than soda water, it’s so easy. They have over 60 SodaStream flavored syrups including leading regular and diet flavors. That’s right, 60 FLAVORS! You just mix a small amount into the reusable bottle, give it a gentle shake, and you have your soda! The syrup bottles that I received each make up to 50 servings! Having people over and you forgot to get mix? No need to worry about that with SodaStream!

They have several reusable bottles to choose from. In these bottles is where you’re carbonating the water and then adding mix. So, if you only want a glass, you just throw one of these bad boys in fridge, and save the rest for later.

You can check out their website to find out where to buy. In the United States, it’s and in Canada, I’m specifying the difference because if you were to order it, you have to be careful because since there are CO2 tanks involved, these are often confiscated at the Canadian border, so best to get yours from within your country.

Final Verdict: I highly recommend this product. It’s innovative, easy to use, environmentally conscious, and it works – the drinks taste great!