So You Think You Can Dance: Top 14 Eliminations


Last night was the elimination of two more contestants, bringing the group one step closer to the touring top ten. The show opened with an awesome Broadway number being danced to Brand New Day from the hit musical, The Wiz – AMAZE-BALLS.

Cat Deeley took to the stage and was in fine form in her hot silver dress, and I must admit I’m much happier with the choices her stylists have been making this year. She called the first two couples to the stage; Randi and Evan, and Karla and Vitolio – both of which I had predicted being in the bottom two, and one person from each of the respective couples leaving the show. Clearly once Cat Deeley announced one couple was safe and one was in the bottom three Hell froze over. I’ve never been wrong, and I’m still in shock writing this article. I’ll proceed; however, the producers of the show haven’t returned my calls before press time.

Thankfully, from the two couples mentioned above, Randi and Evan were saved. Sadly, once again Vitolio and Karla are in the bottom three. This is the fourth time in a row Vitolio has been in the bottom three – JUDGES TAKE NOTE!

The next three couples to line up and await their fate were Janette and Brandon (cry baby), Kayla and Kupono, and Melissa and Ade. Starting with Janette and Brandon’s fate, naturally they were safe after their rockstar ChaCha performance. Listen up dancers, crying during judges panel is an automatic ticket through to next week. In an UNBELIEVABLE turn of events Kayla and Kupono were placed in the bottom three, with Ade and Melissa sailing through to safety. Once again I was on the phone TRYING to reach the producers, to no avail.

The two couples left to learn their fate were Caitlin and Jason, and Jeanine and Philip. Sadly, neither of these couples should be in the bottom three, and in another SHOCKING turn of events, Jeanine and Philip were in the bottom three! WTF?! I’m struggling with the American public right now. What are you thinking?!

After each of the solos, my prediction stayed true with Vitolio leaving the competition (especially with the foreshadowing of his song choice; Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts – really?!?), with my new girl prediction, Karla.


While the judges deliberated, Kelly Clarkson took to the stage and performed her latest single, “I Do Not Hook Up”. Eff I love Kelly Clarkson! Thankfully she was a little more put together in comparison to her MMVA performance a week and half ago when she couldn’t find her shoes and decided to rock out barefoot with un-hemmed jeans. Honestly, I don’t even care, her music is stupid good and I love her! For once, I believe this was the first live music guest SYTYCD has ever had on the show – another reason to love this girl!

Back to the point of the show; the eliminations. As per my predictions made earlier in this article (revised slightly from last night) Karla was sent home, alongside her partner Vitolio. I think anyone who watches this show regularly saw this coming tonight, except for maybe Kevin, as he always looks at the positive side of things and is still praying for that one week when no one goes home, everyone gets to stay, and bunnies are let loose to hope joyfully across the stage!

The Top 12

  • Wade

    I’m pissed Kayla keeps ending up in the bottom 3. Nawt cool!

  • I’m not really a huge Phillip fan… he looks like a fish… but he rocked out his solo i think!
    Also, as much as kelly is trying to “own her fat”, which is great- you go big girl.. i am glad she was vaguely nicely put forward this show!

  • Ps. Holy cow, Kayla is gorgeous.