So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Eliminations


On tonight’s episode of SYTYCD the top ten would be decided once one more guy and one more girl left the competition. The expectation is that the top ten would make up the touring group, regardless of the results moving forward. This always seemed to be a critical moment in the show, but as you read on, you will notice that my bitterness couldn’t help but seep through with all that was revealed tonight regarding the back-end workings of the show.

The top twelve took to the stage for the last time dancing a Nappy-Tabs Hip Hop routine to Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. The choreography was naturally brilliant, but to no surprise, the camera work killed the effect of the overall group hitting each precise move. Note: This is when the bitterness began brewing…

The overall consensus of the night before I even begin is that the producers of the show are frustrating beyond belief, and Nigel is leading this blind army of morons. The group dance was followed by announcing that Nigel was celebrating his 60th birthday tonight. Who watching this show honestly cares? No one. It actually made him appear even LESS appropriate to still be judging this show. Every time he refers to one of the female contestants as ‘hot’ moving forward I KNOW the hairs on the back of my neck are going to stand on end. Sick.

It was quickly on to announcing the results of each of the couples.

Caitlin and Jason, and Janette and Brandon were brought on to the stage together. One couple was safe and one was to be in the bottom three. Unfortunately, my favourite couple, Caitlin and Jason were sent off to prepare for their solos as Janette sailed through to safety on Brandon’s mad-skill.

The next two couples ushered out to the stage were Randi and Evan and Jeanine and Philip. I pause here, as once again Hell has frozen over. Although Jeanine and Philip had a rough night, I still felt they did FAR better than Randi and Evan. As America tends to do, they got it wrong and sent Randi and Evan to safety while Philip and Jeanine prepped to dance for their lives.

The final pairing to face the Cat Deeley-doom results were Melissa and Ade and Kayla and Kupono. To absolute no surprise Kayle and Kupono were safe, with Melissa and Ade finding themselves in the bottom three for the first time.

HoMG – Who is going home?!

As this point, Nigel decides to fuck everything up about the show, and discredit everything the producers have sought to create around the ‘mystery of the Thursday eliminations episodes. The viewers, including myself, were lead to believe that no one really knew who the bottom three were until they were announced on air. No, no. Of course Nigel finds out the morning after the votes. It’s at this point as well when the judges convene and pre-determine who they plan to send home. Neat. Or Bull. So the solos mean nothing? According to Nigel, he’s ‘open-minded’ enough to possibly be persuaded by the solos to change his already made-up mind. As if. No 60-year-old changes his mind on anything. This wrecked the whole hour for me, and really makes me dislike the judges having any sort of power. The show is popular enough that I believe America should have the say for the entirety of the top 20 eliminations. That’s my creative feedback.


“While the judges deliberate”, (like what’s the point of even putting on this charade now?!) Kelly Rowland took the stage to sing her new smash hit “When Love Takes Over”. The performance was pretty entertaining (minus Rod Stewart DJing), and her dance crew was effing hot. To be referred to moving forward as ‘Breakin’ Daddies’. It’s a new thing.

This is when the heartbreak truly sets in. Without even addressing the other two girls, Nigel (Sauron) calls Caitlin forward and while the audience is still cheering for her, tells her she is off the show. Tears. For both Caitlin and me.

Nigel (Freddie Krueger) then addresses the boys and calls Philip forward. In similar to style to the Caitlin-axe-drop, he swiftly announces Philip is leaving the show.

In grandiose old-man fashion, Nigel still has one more brilliant announcement to made amidst all the tears. “He just confirmed with the producers that both Philip and Caitlin will be going on tour’. As good as this news can be, it’s all about money knowing that Philip will get people to come out for the tour, and for Nigel to look like a hero. I’m pretty sure there was no ‘confirmation with the producers’ on this one. He made that decision at the start of the season, right around when he started growing out his hair. Both lame decisions.

This is when the bitterness really starts to sink in…

The Top 10

  • I’m glad phillip left…sorry heis no where near trained enough. Just going by on popularity as opposed to true talent.

    I’m so sad caitlin is leaving…u loved her.

  • I meant i loved her…but u did too so it still makes sense.

  • Don

    I thought Philip should go as well. He was talented, but not skilled enough to beat out dancers like Brandon and Ade. Even Evan is a stronger dancer I think, for all that he didn’t exactly shine in the last routine he did.

    I did like Caitlin, though I like all the female dancers that are left. Somebody had to go I guess haha.

    I’m not a huge fan of Nigel, but regarding his age, just because he’s 60 doesn’t mean he’s lost his faculties. I sure as hell hope that at 60 years old I’ll still be able to recognize a hot sexy man when I see one. As a judge, I think he’s validating her her look, effort and performance, not preying on her innocence and youth.

  • Anthony

    I was so upset that Caitlin had to go…. and I say had to because realistically there was NO chance they would have sent any other female dancer home last night.

    She was insanely beautiful and an amazing dancer. Hopefull Jason can last until top 8, but we all know that’s as far as he’d even be able to go… This is Brandon’s season, the rest of the dancers will just fall into place.

    I miss Caitlin already.

  • Dan

    Don – you definitely hold a valid point.

    To clarify my stance a little further, I agree that just because someone is 60 doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to recognize an attractive person. My feelings reside in how a person choses to express those feelings and the avenues in which they do so. My personal opinion is that Nigel definitely crosses a line with individuals significantly his junior, which is further enhanced by his inherent ‘power’ on the show. I don’t full agree with your comment refering to the girls performances. He’s often refering to their looks and furthermore to specific body parts. It’s just my point of view though, and I totally respect yours as well!

    Anthony – we can miss her together.

  • MIKE

    i feel so strongly against phillip leaving that i will NEVER watch this show again. The show is designed for white people, AND I AM WHITE!!!! contestants should be able to choose which genres they want to dance. OTHERWISE, IT’S LIKE PUNISHING A LITTLE CHILD FOR NOT LIKING ALL VEGETABLES, IT JUST MAKES NO SENSE AND IS NOT REASONABLE OR LOGICAL. phillip is OUT OF THIS WORLD doing what he does best, and the show failed to recognize that, for whatever reasons they have, and frankly, i will not give them any of my attention anymore. PHILLIP, BRO, YOU ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD, TRUST ME, DO WHAT YOU LOVE, YOU ARE A SUCCESS NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS!!!!!

  • Jerome

    who cares about “Caitlin”? she looked like a whore. no really, she looked like a whore. she was a fame seeker, which is ugly. i am glad she was sent home. i only wished that the audience was given eggs to throw at her and her huge monster gaping vagina. i hope she becomes incredibly depressed for being a complete failure and loser, not only as a dancer but also as a human being. i hope her father’s friends all have their way with her, because that’s all she has to offer this planet, and she even sucks at that.

  • Dan

    Dang Jerome, that is some SERIOUS hate you are throwing out! I don’t even know where to begin other than you’re completely wrong about her!

  • jr

    Does anyone else think that Melissa is older than 29? She seems more like 35. She’s very beautiful and does have talent, but aren’t the producers bending some rules just to get her on this show?

  • Anthony

    Jerome….. I think you may have other issues…

  • Dan

    jr – I’m pretty sure the rules surrounding the show are pretty stringent, especially when it comes to age. It would be incredible if Melissa were 35 and still in the shape she’s in, but I’m still impressed with her being 29!