Okay, I couldn’t resist. JESSE TYLER FERGUSON is on the judging panel as the second round of auditions for So You Think You Can Dance, Season 9 head to Los Angeles. Seriously, Jesse is so unbelievably funny as Mitchell in Modern Family, and he was equally fantastic as a judge during last season’s performance show. It was amazing to see Cat back on my TV as well. I’m going to speak of skeletor and screamin’ Mary as little as possible.

The show opened strong with a returning contest from last season that was so close to making it through to the performance episodes. The only thing I really cared about is finding out what song she was dancing to – ADAM – I need your help on this one! We were then forced to watch the two idiot judges (Jesse not included) giggle over the word whacking like they were ten-years-old. Thankfully it was in reference to Jontel ‘Johnny Waacks’ Gibson from Portland, Oregon who TURNED THE STYLE OUT! This routine was freaking amazing and one of the truly worthy numbers worth talking about! I loved the retro feeling he gave the style with the disco music and styling. Well played!

Cue stupid music and a girl twirling in hoops. SKELETOR – ENOUGH of this nonsense! This is a family show and we honestly watched a girl on a stripper pole in a bikini for a minute and a half. I am willing to bet that Skeletor has spent a lot of time ‘reviewing’ this segment of the episode. Barf. X1100. Thank goodness she ended up being really effing good which saved the entire segment.

I’d like to point out that 30 minutes into the show we’ve seen five Contemporary dancers and one Tap dancer make it through to Vegas. Good range Skeletor, glad you’re pushing for diversity.

Speaking of diversity, the Ninja Twins – Nick and Jay. These two were ridiculously amazing. Their snapping was SPOT on. I don’t even know where to begin. Weirdly, these two adult brothers still share a bedroom…ugh, why?! Regardless, these two put Simon in his bigot-y place and I love any moment on this show when that happens.

Okay, two minutes into this segment and I was over it. It took over five minutes to see these two dance. Way to streeeeeeetttttttccccchhhhh this one out for all its worth. The clincher was the story of their father making them choose between baseball and dance, and their spot-on arm-raise was DYNAMITE. These two killed the audition.

Up next was Sam Lenarz and her super sad story, complete with friends crying in the audience. This piece could have been wonderful if the producers hadn’t dubbed Simon’s VOICE into the footage of this girl dancing. I just can’t stand Skeletor anymore. Following Sam was uber hipster slash tapper slash surfer, Caley Carr. Weird. Both of them were put into the choreography round.

Cue three more Contemporary female dancers making it straight through to Vegas followed by another absolutely ridiculous Karate montage. Thankfully the montage turned into a great performance combining Contemporary styling and martial arts by a young man named Cole, who made it through to Vegas.

David Matz, a circus performer than took to the stage to dance with a huge hoop. Okay, while this was pretty to watch, this was a Cirque du Soliel style audition, and had nothing to do with actual dance. Over it. Of course they had to put this guy into choreography as he actually didn’t display any technical dance capabilities.

Stephen Jacobson then took to the stage with his ridiculous smile to perform a ballet with his shirt wide open. Nigel made a disgusting comment and encouraged the girls to get up on the stage and perform with their shirts open as well. Nigel Lythgo, you are awful.

This performance was equally as terrible as Nigel’s comments. Thankfully the judges forced him to re-dance and stick specifically to ballet versus the nonsense that he had put together the night before (or was asked to fake by the producers), he showed true skill and naturally sailed through to Vegas. Who is this show made for now? People who can’t see through this crap?!

I am flying through this episode, as there really isn’t a lot of actual dancing to watch! I did like the segment with the three dancers who have tried out before and we back for another go at the competition. All three made it through to Vegas, which was actually brilliant.

HOLY SNAP! Did anyone else catch the disaster of a hair cut that Nigel was rocking in the clip showing footage from season four?!?! AMAZING!

I’ll end on a happy note with the sister and brother combo, with the incredibly sad car accident story (of course), Jasmine and Marshea Mason, respectively. Both of them had amazing auditions after one a few weeks post-car accident, with both of them going through to Vegas. Did the story warrant 20 minutes of coverage to end the night? Probably not.

Let’s just put this night into perspective. Almost every single dancer through on the night was a Contemporary dancer. There wasn’t a single ballroom performer, or duo in the Los Angeles auditions worth airing. Surprisingly, no Hip Hop dancers too. Has this show become a joke in certain dance style circles? I’m thinking so.

From the choreography round, it looked like it was almost all Contemporary dancers from that group as well. Nigel really is practicing what he preaches, with a lot of different styles. As if.

Overall, I’m really worried that this season is going to be the last, if this is how things continue…

Thoughts peeps?