So You Think You Can Dance: Season 9 Premiere Auditions Recap

Hollah! We’re back folks – Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance kicked off their auditions portion this week, showcasing dancers from New York City, New York and Dallas, Texas. I won’t be recapping all of the audition episodes, as I feel the producers (Nigel Lythgo AGAIN) over do this stage of the competition and I just refuse to give them any more time than needed. It’s hard to believe that we’re going from one Lythgo-manipulated-and-produced show, American Idol, to another, SYTYCD. Believe me, Adam and I share the exact same feelings towards Skeletor and his absolutely ridiculous methods. His reality-show-template is getting incredibly stale and it’s time to really think outside the box or risk some of them being cancelled all together. Mark my words…

The two-hour show kicked off in New York with Skeletor, SCREAMIN’ Mary Murphy (hells yeah she’s back on TV) and Tyce Diorio on the judging panel. Overall the auditions were fairly standard comparable to the last few years. The scripted judge’s comments included a few ‘best dancer this show has ever seen’ and ‘WHOO WHOO YOU’VE GOT A TICKET ON THE HOT TOMALE TRAIN’. Lies. While I was definitely entertained by a few of the Contemporary dancers and one Hip-Hop/street dancer, there really weren’t a lot of stand-out performances I felt truly worthy of recollecting. And don’t even get me started on the gimmicky production of the one female contestant who loved Paris, even though she has never been, and they swapped the video out to replicate a silent film, a la The Artist knock off, which fell incredibly flat. This show really is made for a 13-year-old-audience.

On the flip side, I did swoon over David Baker, the contestant originating from Australia who performed his audition shirtless, while dancing the ballet. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. This kid has HUGE potential for locking in the tweenager vote, and I can definitely see him sticking around for a while.

I just randomly thought of Carly Rae Jepsen, and I really hope her song, Call Me Maybe, gets used this year in one of the dances. Random, but thought I’d share.

The second hour of the show had the SYTYCD crew head over to Dallas, Texas. This time Skeletor and Screamin’ MM were joined by BUCK krumper Lil’ C. Shit son, get out the thesaurus so you can follow along. HOLY SH*T how have I not mentioned Cat Deeley yet?! My apologies!!!! Yes, my favourite reality TV show host was back for yet another season and her kooky approach instantly brought a smile to my face. I. Love. This. Woman. A summer without Cat Deeley would definitely break my heart…

The last rant I need to get out is the amount of screen time they give to Skeletor during this episode. Every single time a dancer took to the stage and started performing, within five seconds the camera cut back to Skeletor sitting there making some RIDICULOUS face or making an absolutely obnoxious noise. If I have to hear him moan-scream, ‘OUCH’ every time someone does the splits, I am going to chuck my juice at the TV. Enough is enough, just show us the dancing. I don’t care to look at an old geriatric for 50% of the show. Also, Nigel kept going on and on about how they really expect the dancers to bring unique styles and routines to the stage to stand apart from the crowd. In the end, this statement becomes completely irrelevant as we’re forced to watch the same 6-10 styles of dance each week once the contestants make their way into the performance show stage of the competition. Start living the values you preach Lythgo.

I will leave you on a positive note, this year we won’t have to suffer through hour-long results shows with poorly selected filler nonsense and lip-syncing disasters! After the audition rounds and Vegas week, the show will be airing one night a week with the performances and eliminations all happening in one (I presume extended) show. I can’t wait to see how Cat graciously keeps the showing moving along while getting goose bumps, shedding a few tears, and giggling ferociously. It’s going to be magical!

The one surprise that caught me off guard at the end of the show was the clips from next week! Skeletor and Mary will be joined on the next leg of audition cities by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell from Modern Family). He was OUTSTANDING last season when he joined the judges as part of the live performance and elimination episodes, and I can only imagine the candor he’ll bring to this stage of the competition. On that note, the audition weeks must be suffering big time in the ratings if the producers need to leverage comedic star power to get people to tune in.

Until Vegas Week folks (or next week if JTF is brilliant enough to discuss)! Welcome back to all my favourite readers as well! Robyn, buckle up, it’s going to be a busy summer filled with a helluva lotta eye rolls!! Terry Jaxxon – I look forward to reading your insightful commentary again this season.

As for fellow castmates Rich and Adam, things are about to real up in here!

  • Mason

    I thought I saw Shane Sparks in the audience during the Dallas auditions. Did anyone else? If I remember correctly, they flashed to his face after the zombie and exorcist, respectively.

  • Dan

    Mason – I’m totally going back to re-watch it!

  • Regen

    I have a crush on the Aussie guy Daniel Baker already!

  • Dbrewer75

    One of my fave shows…give Cat an Emmy already for best reality show host!

    I linked your article here in my final idol recap to let the readers know there’s a new reviewer in town!!

    I’m commenting on here AS I watch the show so please note that i haven’t read your article to avoid spoilers and will write what I’m seeing as it happens.. then likely another post as a post reaction to your article haha. I’ll try to be faster about watching as the year progresses: promise haha.

    First off, that intro was amazing… simple but strong and i literally have goosebumps! GOOD decision to start big in NY. I hate when these shows start like in milwakee just because it’s cheaper for a round america tour.

    okay, now i’ve already started out with a lie (i have to read yours as i go along)… i literally couldn’t stand watching NIgel speak so i had to scroll up to make sure you’re screaming about him. Idol was honestly RUINED this year by him so I hope your slightly younger show is less harmed by his evil, skeletal fingers…

    I’m liking the first judging panel so far: mary is still good to me- coke wore or no- and tyce i’d much rather see judge than choreograph to be honest. nigel I think escaped the home today and wandered back to his old chair and Cat is too nice to say anything to him…

    I’m more than a LITTLE upset you’re not going to write about all the auditions but that’s just cause i’ll miss your thoughts.. i suppose as long as i get you for the big shows!!

    Back to the show… thank GOD you didn’t get the “artist” chick either! I mostly looked back at your article before I posted my comment because i was NOT a fall over fan and didn’t want to sound like a jerk right off the bat… sooooo produced and so lame. “just the Eiffel tower in my room”: serious SY? While i do NOT hold it against the poor little girl, i do completely blame this show for using this girl so forcefully.. is nigel showing us what this season is going to be like in the first audition? He’s like one of those people who knows everything they do is terrible and that everyone hates them so they’ve decided to use their money and power to ruin everyone’s else’s good time. I’m just waiting for the talent to shine through regardless… thankfully the choreographers (whom i mostly all adore) have the REAL power in this show and therefore skeletor is limited in this production… MOSTLY.

    By the way… we need to talk about the fact that you’re drinking “juice” while watching this. i.died. btw we ALL start out watching lythgoe productions with juice.. by episode three you’re going to be pounding straight whiskey with a beer back and a wine front… Paula didn’t drink until she started judging on one of his shows… and now look at her!

    Okay, now we need to talk about he emotionality of this show… is it getting to be too much or is that just me? Everyone’s story is personal, their own and valid of course… but as the years go on and the stories go from collapsing floors and multiple deaths to parental suicide attempts and progressively blinding mothers… i worry that there’s producers screening people with the question: “so, what’s the worst thing that ever happened to you and how does that make you unique? no.. don’t tell me now, safe the tears for the camera”. I just worry that it TAKES a story to be considered on this show if you’re not the top 1% or the top 1% and the kids maybe discuss stuff they haven’t dealt with etc in SUCH a public forum…. anyway.. just my rant.

    Back to dan: i COMPLETELY agree that if nigel does one more eye pop or scrunch face as someone bends a leg around their head imma pop him one. this is the nigel show featuring nigel starring nigel and back with a few dancers… just ridiculous.

    AS i’m typing about the swiss dancer whose outfit i HATE but whose dance is decent i’m realizing what i stupidly forgot to mention is my near favourite part of this show: the NEW MUSIC I DISCOVER. these dancers and choreographers are ON the pulse and i get a new song once a week that i adore and that’s huge for me… cannot wait.. quite liked his song here. Shazaam has it’s work cut out for it this year!!

    Oh god…. Lil’C is here. I CANNOT STAND HIM. yes, it’s absolutely because of how he speaks… his non-ending rants of every 10-dollar word in the book and the CONSTANT bucking drives me insane. he’s my LEAST favourite judge by far. I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about but how he presents himself is just awful.

    I quite liked the mom… the story is simple and not overbearing and she was quite good i felt… having the kid go up was over the top but her reaction was too real for me not to tear up a little haha.. even if nigel WAS involved 😛

    Okay.. i’m watching this girl and i’m dying. i’m DYING. that was sooooooooooooo cute and actually brilliant to see a CLEAR dancer in the absolute earliest of stages… love seeing something new!

    I’m VERY glad you called mr “it needs to be new and not seen before” out as you just KNOW there’s gonna be more and more of the freaking passa doble (sp?) and disco… and Viennese waltz or whatever killer (BAD killer) styles they’re going to re-shove down our throats… NEW styles, NEW choreographers to feature in… not just what you’re use to seeing old man! HEY, maybe pair two girls or two guys together once in a while instead of on the last day just for pairing sake. BE DIFFERENT SYTY!!

    of COURSE the hot aussie, sweet brilliant dancer is straight.. just our luck. i LOVE ballet dancers on this show and the only thing i love more is contemp… this boy is GONNA be a threat yikes!! he’s adorbes though the shirtless thing (clearly by producer prompt) is a bit much. also, nigel telling the guy to sit down who was cheering for him? way to start out classy nigel: let’s make homo jokes RIGHT off the bat. honestly, i think he knows everyone sees how phobic he is and he’s gonna take any chance he can to say “F U i own this show and do what i want”. the slight here was tiny of course but just so indicative of how this season and HE is gonna be.

    the “do i need a gimmick, no because i’m super dope without it” guy? yawn. you don’t want mainstream success? continue your life the way it’s been going hamster man… Cat calling him out was FREAKING hilarious however.. “you don’t care if you win? GOOD cause i pretty much guarantee you’re not going to” HA!! kitty’s got claws and i love that she’s not just all about the love cause sometimes a douche is a douche. i’d give her the emmy for that five second interview ALONE. jeff probst can suck it.

    Okay.. i’m thinking this got a BIT long but dan your articles and this show get me going!! I’m buckled in and ready for this season to get goin!!

  • Dan

    Regen and Dbrew – agree to the MAX!

    Adam – holy smokes, welcome back! I love your commentary and can’t wait for you to chime in each week!

    I definitely start the season off with juice…believe me, I’ll need to spike it soon!

    “This is the Nigel show starting Nigel featuring Nigel backed by a couple of dancers.” DYING. Honestly I laughed out loud and you’re absolutely right!

    As for the music, it’s my favourite part of the show! I too get to fill up my iPod with the latest melodramatic hits of the summer, and a few hidden dance gems. What was the name of the song from the Swiss Dancer?!

    I loved the Mom with her daughter. That was actually the best part of the show, agreed. 🙂

    As for the guy who didn’t want mainstream success, I didn’t even want to say his name. Glad you felt the same too.

    It’s going to be a good season for Contemporary, I can just tell!

  • Mason

    Another thought. There wasn’t one ballroom/salsa couple in three cities worth showing??

  • Dbrewer75

    Yeah I was a little perplexed by the lack of ballroom myself considering a big portion of the required dances are ballroom based. Especially in Dallas since ballroom is pretty big down there.

    The only thing Ihate about there not being a results show is that we only get one fabulous Cat outfit per week.

  • Dan

    Good point boys. Thinking back to the episode and the clips from the rest of the auditions, there was only one or two couples show, clearly doing some form of ballroom. The vast majority were incredibly high jumps, and girls endlessly spinning, Contemporary style.

    I’m sure Nigel will eff it all up and force the top twelve to have a blend of the styles, including Hip Hop dancers who will suffer through a lot of the routines every single week yet continued to be saved by the judges to ensure the diversity factor.

    I’d like to start a conspiracy theory that once Vegas week is complete the lesser trained dancers are flown to LA early to train with a variety of different choreographers to pick up the styles. Pretty sure that’s the case…

    I will miss Cat’s glorious attire as well. You’ll just have to tune in to the other reality show she’s hosting, The Choice. As if.

  • Dbrewer75

    I don’t think your conspiracy theory is that far from the truth…especially when the hip hop and B Boy dancers pick up stuff like the Quick Step so quickly. I would not put something like that past the show just to give it the OOOH factor when they pull off dances outside their particular dance area.

    As far as The Choice, as much as I love Cat I am making THE CHOICE not to watch that trash.

  • Dan , I think the bigger songs of the night were Ingrid Michaelson “sort of” and i THINK the swiss guy had “sail” by awolnation… just downloaded both !!

  • Dan

    DBrew – ha! I think a lot of people are going to make that same choice.

    Adam – Sail is the song that I was looking for…on repeat as I type this. Song of summer, 2012 edition.