So You Think You Can Dance 9: Vegas Call Backs!!

Sorry for the delayed post folks, I was in Toronto for work this week and just got back from a whirlwind trip that included a visit with fellow castmate, Kevin! We gushed about this season of SYTYCD and needless to say we’re PUMPED for the level of competition this year, and the slew of Contemporary dancers.

I definitely had a few early favourites from the audition rounds this year, and I’m hoping that we’ll truly be seeing one of the best seasons of So You Think You Can Dance to date! Time to tune in and see if your favourite dancers make it through to the live performance episodes.

From the opening intro alone this two-hour episode is going to be produced with the MAXIMUM amount of drama! The judging panel is once again extended for this stage of the competition to include krumper Lil’ C, the legendary Debbie Allen, homo-favsies Adam Shankman, homo-runner up Tyce Diorio, Screamin’ MM and Skeletor (unfortunately). All of the dancers took to the stage once again to perform their solos – this is it folks, CUT THROAT TIME!

Hampton Williams was up first, who was dubbed ‘the exorcist’ from his performance during the audition rounds, where he earned the longest standing ovation (apparently). A montage of nine additional dancers followed, who were then immediately all then brought up on stage. Eight of them were safe, including Hampton, making it through to the next round! Two cuts within the first three minutes! YIKES!

Belly dancer Janelle Issis was up next to sizzle for the judges once again as the only dancer performing this style. Needless to say she was making it through to the next round.

I need to apologize now, the format of this episode is incredibly hard to summarize and critic! They are just pumping through a series of montages with exceptional performances. Cat was quick to summarize after all of the performances, 51 contestants were sent home. Dang.

The choreography rounds were next, starting with Hip Hop choreographed by SYTYCD alumni Twitch and Comfort. WHAT? No Nappy Tabs?! Devastated. While I love me some Twitch action, I can’t say that Comfort really does anything for me.

Before we even see the choreography from these two, the show cuts to Hampton heading back up on stage to concede his spot on the show as the routine from Twitch and Comfort was too intricate and due to his lack of training, he didn’t want to continue in the competition. WHY DID WE SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON THIS GUY!? Come on Skeletor…

At that point, the show cuts to another Hip Hop dancer dropping out, one of the roommates from The Dragon House. WHAT?! Seriously, this is ridiculous. If these boys can’t even pick up Hip Hop choreography, what is this show coming to?

Following that bit of shocking news, Cat then announced that two of my early hopefuls were also being cut from the competition. The ‘preying mantis’, Gene Leonardo (name?) and single mom, Bre Haphen (sp?). BOOM, Hip Hop is just knocking these people out.

I was STOKED to see one of my favourite cuties, British-accent laden David! YESSSSSSSSS. From that point on, a bunch of groups started sailing through, including the remaining boy from The Dragon House, Cyrus.

The second day of competition brought on a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. Oh no. The lead in for this routine is just too much for me to handle. “This routine is so hard.” – Tyce. Oh, okay. I thought you were going to take it super easy this year. The two ballroom girls in the competition (who also ended up being long-time friends and Vegas roommates) were in the first group of dancers. Both ladies killed the number, and I felt bad for the other blondie in the group as she was completely cut out by the producers! The whole group sailed through the next round. Quickly followed by several additional waves of dancers making it. Apparently the Broadway routine wasn’t as hard as Tyce was making it out to sound!

At the end of the set, 23 dancers were eliminated from the competition after Broadway. Not as many as the Hip Hop group, but definitely a good chunk!

Up next was a Jazz number produced by one of my all-time favourite SYTYCD choreographers, Sonja! YES! This is going to be AMAZING. Only 82 dancers remain, and this is going to be one of the toughest stages yet. Love me some Sonja. Bring it! And WOOF all the shirtless boys – give me some of that lovin’!

Ugh. This did not work out for the trio of partners on the stage. Two out of the four were cut from the first group, including Shafiq and Rachel (who danced pretty much like a stripper in her original Salt Lake City auditions). Rachel decided to beg and plead for another chance from the judges for a chance to dance for her life. She received enough votes from the judges to let her do so! Unexpected.

Sonja’s jazz round was just destroying the remaining contestants, especially the non-Contemporary dancers. In a weird twist, one female contestant, Danielle, took to the stage after making it through earlier in the jazz performances to help another male contestant who didn’t have a partner. He ended up KICKING HER IN THE HEAD at the start of the routine, and she needed to be tended to by medical. Unreal back luck! She ended up being strapped down to a stretcher with a neck brace and took her to the hospital!

Holy shit. Then the producers decided to ram the ‘silent movie’ gimmick back down our throats from Amelia’s original audition. ENOUGH ALREADY! The judges were split on her jazz number, so would also be dancing to save her life later in the day.

The two solos were up next, with Rachel performing burlesque followed by Amelia doing a Contemporary piece. Rachel was sent home (no surprise) as she basically stripped on the stage versus showing true dance capability. Could Amelia get the opposite response from the judges? After Adam Shankman’s tear-fest, and Sonja’s google-eyes, it’s no surprise that she made it through!

I’ll admit, I fell in love with Amelia a little bit following her solo and speech to the judges. “I’m ready to make you love me” – GAW!

SIDE NOTE: Adam – what is the song that Sonja used for her choreo? Find it!

DANG – this episode was JAM packed. Immediately following jazz was GROUP ROUTINES! The dancers even got to pick their own groups this year to make it easier to find some synchronicity with their styles. Cue DRAMA, SCREAMING, TEARS and CRASHES! You really have to watch this part of the episode for yourself!

On a good note, Danielle was released from hospital and allowed to return to the competition. Thankfully a group allowed her to join and had to start all over again. Yikes. My cutie pie, David wasn’t too fond of this idea, which kind of made me frown in his direction. Darn. They were the first group up to perform in front of the judges and it was not good…at all. Actually, to be fair, the three girls were okay; however, the three guys were just awful. Sadly, Danielle was cut and my heart definitely broke for her as she tried to do something nice, and in the end it came back to haunt her.

The routines must have been really bad this time around as the routines weren’t even shown, instead, we were simply shown the cuts of all the people going home.

Up next was a group calling themselves, The High-schoolers. The concept was simply, prom. With one girl and four guys, this was going to be interesting. I need to call out the one MEGA hottie in this group who I can’t recall seeing before in any other stage of the competition. He was the one who lifted the other guy in the air above his head, Dirty Dancing-style. He was smiling in the background, looking all fine, during the judges critique. I need to know who this is, and pray that he makes it through to the performance shows!

The last group of the day included three Vegas veterans; Dres, Alexa and Adrian. After being narrowly saved earlier in the competition and told to bring life to her routines, Alexa was definitely down to her last show going into this round. I think Adrian and Alexa killed it, personally. Dres fell a little flat for me though. Tyce jumped into attack mode and started ripping Alexa apart and I definitely felt it was misguided. I loved her emotional breakdown, and I feel she really pulled it together.

FLASHBACK: Remember when Robin Anton from the Pussycat Dolls was on the judging panel deciding the final contestants last year?! WTF?!

Next up – CUT TO THE POOL SCENE! Woof, so many hot bodies soaking wet. Have mercy!

Randomly, we had one last round of choreography – the Cha Cha from Jason Gilkinson. This used to be the coveted Contemporary routine. Clearly they had to leave ballroom to the end to ensure all the Hip Hop dancers were cut earlier in the competition. I’d love to know the actual breakdown of non-Contemporary dancers still left. There can’t be that many!

Poor Cyrus, who clearly had to be given dress shoes to wear for this stage of the competition. Clearly, he was wildly out of his elements and was sent off stage to prepare to dance for his life later in the day.

Once again, the choreography rounds were taking their toll, with Ballroom being no exception. Hottie cowboy-Hip Hopper Asher Walker was eliminated, as was Dee Tomesetta, who I was called out for referring to her as ‘Contemporary Dancer #1’ from the final round of auditions in Salt Lake City. Guess I was right about that one…

In a ridiculous turn of events, Aubrey, the girl who performed as part of ‘The High-schoolers’ was sent home after her ballroom. I don’t get how she was called the new Mia Michaels, and then so quickly dumped without a chance to even dance for her life. Lame.

The now infamous Alexa was back on the stage to show she had spice and sizzle in ballroom, and this absolutely had to be her final straw. She made it, and was praised as one of the BEST OF THE DAY! Boo yeah. SHUT IT SKELETOR.

After the ballroom stage wrapped up, Cyrus once again took the stage to perform his solo in an effort to stay in the competition. So You Think You Can Dance has been CRAZY this year! Cyrus was incredible in his solo – his pop-tutting was magic. Like I have no words for this boy.

BOOM – another twist! We’re down to 52 contestants, and there’s ANOTHER round of choreography. CONTEMPORARY WITH TRAVIS WALL. My absolute favourite moment of the show this far. I love Travis and all his new tattoos. I am so happy that SYTYCD found Travis and has continued to let his star shine.

The performances were going to be rough; however, there would be no cuts during the split group sessions. They would all happen at the end of the day. The performances were fantastic, and I loved the choreography.

Skeletor then pulled a big group of dances up on the stage, including Cyrus, Amelia and my unnamed hottie. They all made it through! The next wave of dancers weren’t as lucky, and was asked to re-perform the Contemporary number! It was the end of the journey for a lot of the second and third set of dancers, with a few lucky performers from the fourth group making it through.

That last stage of Vegas was the final solo routines before the judges determine who will make it through to the live performance shows. We are SO close to seeing the new one-night format, I can almost taste it! Alexa (of course) was up first to perform her solo with a really weird segment that was overly produced with her talking to the camera and growing in front of America. Huh?

Holy smokes the last few minutes of the episode were brilliant! The solos were dynamite and I can’t wait to see the top twenty, or twenty-two, or whatever number they go with this season!! Before the show ended though, Skeletor pulled up the remaining guys and eliminated five more right away, including returning hopeful Adrian and Dres! He did the same with the ladies and I was honestly starting to lose my mind. Thankfully, all the remaining girls were safe, with no eliminations!

We’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out whom officially makes it, and who is unfortunately eliminated at this final stage in the competition! EEKS!

  • DeeJay

    I Loved this episode and can’t wait for the next episode.

    Oh you wanted to know “what is the song that Sonja used for her choreo? Find it!”

    it’s: My Brightest Diamond – Freak Out (Gold Chains Panique Mix)

    I go to this great website called

    They have every song for every episode of sytycd… I love it

  • FGP

    So far I love that Vegas week was packed into one episode instead of 2 or 3. I think the new 1 night format will also be killer. It’s gonna be a good season!

  • Dan

    DeeJay – you just made my day! I’ve bookmarked that site and will be referring to it regularly to get the tracks. Awesome!

    FGP – couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Dbrewer75

    Yeah I am loving this new format… vegas done in one show is excellent. There were quite a few of my faves cut already but I sure there are plenty of brilliant dancers that just have not gotten screentime yet.


  • Mason

    Rachel should try out for the Pussycat Dolls.

  • DeeJay

    DAN- I thought you would be happy about that 🙂