Gays For Healthy, Smoke-Free Living

My friend Stacey (from the Canadian Cancer Society) sent me an email reminding me about this campaign she came across from the U.S. and that Tyrell mentioned in a post earlier this month! A new campaign called CRUSH has recently launched, targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and encouraging them to live smoke-free so they can live longer and healthier lives. The approach they’ve taken, I find is very effective. We are fighting for equality and we focus a lot on HIV prevention, etc. but what about general health? What about smoking and cancer? Not a lot of campaigns really speak to our community so I am thrilled to see this becoming more of a priority.

Did you know that on average, non-smokers live 10 years longer than smokers. And here’s a scary fact: While only 20% of American adults smoke tobacco, over 40% of LGBT adults smoke. The campaign explains, “Smoking leads to more deaths in our community than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murder, suicide, drugs and fires combined. Can you imagine what an LGBT activist, scientist, author, or entertainer could do with 10 more years? What about spending 10 more years with the person you love? These military boys figured it out. But what about the rest of the LGBT community? Help us spread the word and encourage the entire LGBT community to live longer, happier and healthier.”

I’ve included two videos (one of which Tyrell wrote about that is called “Gay Military Marriage Proposal” and another that explains more about Crush. I encourage you to check them both out below and share them with others.

What Is CRUSH?

Gay Military Marriage Proposal

  • Thank you Patrick, Tyrell and Homorazzi for supporting CRUSH! This is an important topic that needs to be shared and discussed with our community! Your support means a ton to me and my fellow CRUSH team! XO!