Which Snow White & The Huntsman Poster Is The Best?

Julia Roberts’ “Mirror, Mirror” didn’t completely fall flat on its face, but definitely wasn’t a box office blockbuster. Unfortunately for it, the other Snow White film this year is poised to not only win in terms of box office dollars but also in public opinion. The trailer for “Snow White and the Huntsman” looks friggin’ outstanding and I’m not even the hugest Kristin Stewart fan.

With the film’s release date fast approaching, the movie studio’s promotional train is picking up steam. We’ve seen movie posters for the film, but the newly-released trio of images are fantastic and capture the essence of the three main characters. Kristin Stewart sports a Katniss Everdeen-like braid, while Chris Hemsworth looks scruffy hot holding a pair of axes. But it’s Charlize Theron who steals the show with her creative. She smizes the shizz out of her photo. The usage of the black crow standing in as one of the Evil Queen’s eye is brilliant. Check out the three posters below.

Which Snow White & The Huntsman Character Poster Is The Best?

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Catch “Snow White and the Huntsman” when it theaters on June 1, 2012. I can’t wait for the screening. Definitely one of the films I’m looking forward to this summer.