I thought I was excited about Snow White and the Huntsman before, but now after watching the Behind The Scenes videos I’m even more excited. The amount of detail that has gone into this film in terms of the set, costumes, and of course the characters is incredible.

I’ve included three videos below that give you a behind the scenes look at the movie. The first talks about the set. “I think this film with how epic it is, it’s going to be a feast for their eyes,” says Charlize Theron who plays the evil Queen Ravenna. The second talks about Queen Ravenna, as the other cast members talk about how incredible Theron is at playing the character and how she can just level you with one of her icy cold glares.

Finally, the third video talks about the insane costumes by Colleen Atwood. To give you an example, I had no idea that so much of what the Queen wears in the movie reflects death: A collar made of stag beetle horns, a dress made of beetle wings, a wedding dress that features really fine, skeletal type bone detail, and a cape made of cock feathers. Watch the videos below!

Behind The Scenes: “Setting The Stage”

Behind The Scenes: “The Queen”

Behind The Scenes: “Costumes Of Colleen Atwood”