Last night on SNL after Jesse Eisenberg’s opening monologue and first meet up with Mark Zuckerberg, we were treated with a classic SNL faux-commercial. Such previous commercials have included Mom Jeans, Hair Growth Treatments and the like. Last night, we learned about Estro-Maxx, the once-a-day estrogen pill the won’t let regular treatments get in the way of your life.

In the commercial which resembles spots for Astra Zeneca, we see the actors going through their transitions in their everyday lives, and with the help of Estro-Maxx, they can carry on and not worry about their treatments. In my honest opinion, I thought the skit was absolutely hilarious! The jokes were clever and the humor was light without directly poking fun at transgender people at all. However, the video has some gays up in arms saying that the commercial went too far.

Here is what I think. I think the purpose of the commercial was to parody drug commercial spots, NOT transgendered individuals. Although they were the focus of the type of drug being used, I don’t think the point to was to poke humor at the situation of “life getting in the way” as they so put it. So why are people so cray cray about it? Watch the commercial after the jump and tell me what you think.

Too funny or too soon? You tell me!