BAHAHAHAHAHAHA is all I have to say about this one! Thank christ someone finally put it out there that the V-Neck look is just plain douchey. A classic look from somewhere around the 60s or 70s (wikipedia didn’t even know so don’t get mad at me that I don’t!), this exposed, neckline shirt style has made a resurgence big time in the past few years. And I Hate It. It’s a peacocking look akin to wearing shirts two sizes too small or jeans so tight at the crotch you look like you’re about to burst and anyone who says otherwise is just plain blind or is currently wearing a v-neck as they tell you you’re wrong 😉

Now, to be fair, there IS a level of v-neck that wouldn’t cause a the pope to roll his eyes at your cleavage as you walk the vatican, but, honestly, it seems the “plunging V” has taken over the gay community by storm and the good writers at SNL have decided to take up the cause and stand for good taste and a modicum of propriety… who knew! Few men even HAVE the chest required to make this look decent and even fewer yet have the feral chest hair to make the look masculine and for that you will catch me rolling my eyes nightly as I realize my friends have decided it’s a “V-neck night” and that good taste isn’t in attendance with us 😉

I loves me some muscled men, but don’t need them putting it out there like Snookie hittin’ the Shore and hoping the boobs will distract from the rest of her. Great job Andy! Let’s call these fashionistas out once and for all!