SNL: Amy Poehler Brings Back The Laughs With Some Familiar Faces

SNL debuted it’s 36th season with the hilarious host, Amy Poehler and musical guest Katy Perry. I swear, I haven’t laughed that hard from this show in ages.

As the show beings, Amy reminisces on a daydream she had about running late for the show and all the pre show nerves that go along with the gig. Familiar faces Kristin Wiig (my personal favorite), Justin Timberlake (who she kisses) Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, and Rachel Dratch (who gets eaten by a polar bear) all make cameos in her dream.

There were so many funny skits. Katy Perry even takes part in a sketch on “Bronx Beat,” where she wears an Elmo shirt showing a lot of cleavage. God I missed this sketch with Maya Rudolph & Amy Poeler. David Paterson, the New York governor, even walks in on someone impersonating him. And of course, any skit that Kristin Wiig was in was hilarious. She’s cray cray.

Did you watch!? What did you think of the season premiere?