LMFAO: Smurfette Does A Fashion Spread In Harper’s Bazaar

It must’ve sucked being the only girl Smurf in the village. Not only didn’t you have any girlfriends to talk to, but you didn’t have any to share any clothes with. For decades Smurfette has worn her signature white dress and white pumps. While that look was fine within the confines of the Smurf village, it’s not chic enough for the Big Apple.

In anticipation of Smurfette and the Smurfs movie adventure in New York City, the blond-haired blue skinned beauty is getting a bit of a makeover from Harper’s Bazaar. For their upcoming issue, the fashion magazine has enlisted Smurfette to model the latest accessories by Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and more. Check out the new, sassier and more fashionable Smurfette below.

To find out what Smurfette is wearing, head over to Harper’s Bazaar’s site to get designer details.