Is NBC Giving Smash Fans A Glimmer of Hope?

Once NBC banished Smash to the television graveyard, aka Saturday nights, to burn off the remainder of the episodes, the show was pretty much Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking. It was only a matter of time before the network officially canceled the show. In a rather somewhat surprising twist, the peacock network is airing the Season 2 finale on Sunday, May 26 instead of letting it die quietly on Saturday night.

What does this mean? Is NBC contemplating renewing the musical for a third go-round? Well, they did say it was a “season finale” and not a series one. Or are they simply just giving the show a proper send-off given it’s pedigree (Steven Spielberg) behind the scenes? Personally, I hope it gets one last season. I’d love to see Ivy (Megan Hilty) and Karen (Katharine McPhee) battle it out for a Tony award. At the very least, it could renew it so that NBC has an opportunity to air Smash on the other nights it hasn’t aired yet. In the two short seasons, the beleaguered show has aired on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and now Sunday.

Are you still watching Smash on Saturdays? What do you think of NBC’s decision to air the two-hour season finale on Sunday? If NBC does renew it, I wonder what it means for those actors who already booked pilots, most notably Debra Messing. Sound off below.

  • André Dias

    Sometimes the show gets on the verge of terrible, but I still like it for the most part. I hope there’s a third season. The finale is on my birthday so I hope USA will wish me a happy one 🙂

  • EvChemical

    I’m so confused as to what they’re doing. Sunday would probably not be a bad day for the show, but they need to stop moving it.

    Mind you, moving the show’s finale a week and a day from when it “should” air seems like a bad idea. I hope NBC is doing this to save the show, or renew it for a 3rd season; not just to play it out.

  • Travis

    For the most part, I enjoy Smash, but the show is dead. A show on a major network that gets less than 2 million viewers has no chance, even if it is on NBC. Even for a Saturday night, that’s pitiful. Now if it was on the CW, it might have a chance.

  • I hope it comes back. I enjoy the characters and the songs a great deal. I think the show still have another season worth of stories to tell.

  • Steven

    I really hope it gets renewed! I understand that people think it’s kind of boring, but I think it’s more realistic as a show world, than a drama or a bad musical.
    Plus, the music is amazing!

  • Scott

    Smash is an example of a a beautifully written series that only lacks the dark, gory, crime infested themes that the new Generation of viewers tend to watch more. My family and I love to watch and sing along, we have the soundtracks and hulu and netflicks to see old episodes. Let this nostalgic series run the course and let us see how it culminates to a Tony, then enjoy the royalities from the reruns and possible Broadway show that could run for years…

  • Brian

    It’s on Tuesday’s then it’s on Sat at 8 then Sat at 9 then Sat at 8 then the finale moves to Sunday………OMG just STOP!! I know the show was originally developed as a short one series show for (I think) Showtime,then NBC decided to go with it as a full season but come on……The first season was enjoyable and for the second season they wrote out the characters fans wanted gone but then lost focus,bringing in Jennifer and now having 2 shows,as well as the show for “Ivy” plus the J. Hud storyline.Once they got back to basics with just the 2 shows,it seemed back on track.Considering all the other crap STILL on NBC,it just seems like a waste of talent not to at least give it a shortened third season and NOT keep moving it around on the schedule.

  • Brian

    PS Megan Hilty hit it out of the park as Marilyn on last weeks episode!

  • ann

    Great show, Please renew another season

  • Titina

    I really really hope Smash gets renewed for at least one more season. When the show delivers it really is GREAT show.

    It just needs more consistent writing, but other than that I LOVE the show and enjoy it weekly..
    Hopefully NBC does consider to keep it on..
    Just get rid of the new cast members and give it one more try with the original showrunner and it might be a big hit again!
    Fingers crossed..

  • Marie

    I love SMASH…please keep it on the air. I’m sick of cop shows and murder mysteries. This is GLEE for grownups. I really, love this, please renew, please renew!

  • Lynne

    Smash deserves a chance for a 3rd season. NBC, killed this series by moving it around so much. I love the show, and twice almost forgot it is now on Sat. night. It is a quality show, like none other on tv. And, NBC, is now making the finale on Memorial Day weekend. What is the sense in that? I hope the polls on E show NBC there is a demand for it. They should have kept the original creator though. Jimmy is an awful character.

  • Diane Barzykowski

    Love the show hate to see it leave.

  • Pam

    I LOVE this show!!! Please renew!!! Season 2 was an adjustment with the new characters, but I’ve come to really root for Jimmy being on the straight and narrow. I wanted Derek, the dark knight, to find true love and settle down with Karen… Ivy to embellish her career and eventually meet someone… Tom to find a life partner and quit being such a tramp – although I do love his character. NBC, put the show on a steady night and leave it there. Give it at least one more season… And make Ivy’s pregnancy a dream… Will truly miss the show.

  • Debbir

    This season was so much better with the Kyle and jimmy scene . The addiction story now the pregnancy .. U think Sunday is a great night