Being back and forth to Australia the last few years, it’s hard not to notice the extreme diversity in fashion on the other side of the world that we see none of here. I always make sure to have a little extra room on my credit card, and I’m always prepared to buy another suitcase on my way home.

While in New Zealand at the beginning of the year visiting a friend, I picked up a couple of items from a company called Sly Guild. Upon returning back to Aus and especially upon returning home, I continued to get more comments and compliments on the two pieces I picked up than anything else I’ve bought overseas. Visiting the website last month, I was, again, blown away by their spring/summer line (opposite seasons over there), and opted to email Blair and James, the dream team behind the Guild. I got a sense of their humble attitudes, and asked them a few questions to see what inspires them, and how they see their future going in the fashion world.

Everyone should shop Sly Guild, including prompt online sales on their website, and help insert a little fashion into this sometimes starved part of the world.

What is you and your brother’s background? Schooling, fashion, etc?

To tell you the truth, fuck fashion school. 100% self made. Past 2 generations have been in the fashion game so it’s in the blood. We didn’t see any point in fashion school or anything, just got straight to the point and haven’t looked back since. We got into the rag game by accident though. We couldn’t find anything we liked anywhere so we had to resort to making our own tees and what not. And people were like ”where can i get some of that?” We were blown away and said you couldn’t buy it anywhere. Eventually we started selling tees, singlets, cardigans, hats, etc to friends. Then kids started going into the stores asking for Sly Guild but they didn’t stock it, so the stores started hitting us up and now we are here a few years later. Every store we are in has approached us. We have yet to go door knocking with product in hand.

What inspires you on that side of the world to make the clothing you do?

Its a mix of things really. First would be ourselves. Sounds selfish but we kinda think, what new clothes do we want to wear? We love summer, the sun (who doesn’t), festivals, the beach, just the whole idea of being outside. Our label isn’t exactly high fashion so, we just try and make our range as functional as possible when it comes down to it. Whether you’re going to work, the mall, the beach, a bar, we try and make our clothing work with all avenues of life.

What’s the model for your company, mission statements, themes? Are you just trying to make people look good, or something bigger?

To make people look good, definitely! We want to contribute to making this world a better place to live in. Sly Guild, is another meaning for a ”secret club”. We make clothes, its simple, there’s nothing flash about it. We started selling our clothes on the street, out of the boot of our car to our friends, it was like drug dealing but with clothes. To start off with it was with a small tight following, but the family has grown with us selling our clothes in stores.

And how does your blog tie into your website and clothing line, and is the art and social media part of it a big part of your clothing?

The website has the blog tied in with it, as people take a general interest in the life of SG. Our website is simplistic and easy alot like our clothing. It doesnt need to be anything over the top. When designing the website we didn’t want to draw any attention away from the clothing. The blog is an easy way to keep people in the loop and updated. I guess it’s just part of the job now for any brand or company out there. But this generation with social media, it’s massive, so you have to adapt if you’re oldschool. Stalkbook gets more webtraffic than google, says it right there.

Where do you want to see your company go in the next five years? Boutique/national/international?

Well we are still young. I’m 22 and James is 23, but we are firm believers in the slow snail always wins the race. We are concentrating on NZ at the moment trying to get the recipe right here, but definitely want to go international as NZ is only so big with only 4 million people. But like I said, we are in no hurry, we are young, and when we are ready our time will come. If we can scrap enough lunch money together everyday we are happy!

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