I realize how random this article seems, but after I listened for myself, I couldn’t help but share because it’s so bang on. A Vancouverite on Reddit named Josh experimented with the theory that when you slow down Nicki Minaj songs, the result is vocals from someone that sounds like a gay version of Jay Z. “Someone told me that if you slow down Nicki Minaj songs, she sounds like a gay version of Jay-Z. So I tried it and it’s TOTALLY TRUE,” said Josh. “REDDIT, I GIVE YOU MY LUNCHTIME PROJECT.”

After looking around a bit on the web, I also found that earlier this year, people had posted about the total opposite…that if you sped up Jay Z songs, they sound like Nicki Minaj. After listening to that as well, I found it too be true, but it isn’t as bang on as the Nicki to Jay Z change.

Josh also took the liberty of renaming the songs to encompass their slowness. For example, “Stupid Hoe” becomes “Stupid Slow”. LOL. A little mindless entertainment to wind down from your week. Listen to the slowed down tracks below.

Slowed Down Nicki Minaj Songs

Super Slow

Va Va Slow

Slow The Alarm

Slow The Trap ft 2 Slow

Stupid Slow