One of our readers told us about a brand called Slick It Up when out at a bar recently and he thought it’d be something Homorazzi readers might like. I checked it out the next day and loved it and I’m just now finally getting around to sharing it with you guys. Some of you may already be familiar with the brand, but that was my first introduction.

Aside from all of the fetish gear and apparel, the site features some pretty freaking amazing summer wear that will definitely have you standing out this summer. From Electric Leopard and Galaxy Shorts to “stroke and change” color sequin shorts, their selection is definitely not something you’ll see elsewhere.

I want all of it but I’m going to have to pace myself. Some of the items are pretty pricy, but that’s because no one else is making them and also because the material is expensive. Check out the photos and videos of the items that really got my attention below. I’ve also included a link to the site underneath, but be warned that because of the fetish wear, it’s NSFW. Enjoy!

Gold Star Shorts by Slick It Up

Platinum Star Hoodie by Slick It Up

Slick It Up Commercial – ‘Going All The Way’

Check out to see the rest of their selection or to purchase any of the items shown above. I’m probably going to bite the bullet and order something now myself.