Sleefthief Releases Stunning “Mortal Longing” Video Featuring Jody Quine

Just released this week is a stunning new video and song from Sleepthief featuring Jody Quine called “Mortal Longing“. Sleepthief is most often compared to Delerium so you get an idea of what the genre/sound is like. I recently got to know Jody and can only say that her loveable personality complements her incredible voice. Love her!

The music video was shot in the breathtaking Goblin Valley State Park in Utah and features Jody Quine and Justin Elswick (the producer and composer behind Sleepthief) himself in what is described as a metaphor of the search for love. As we all know, the search for love is not alway happy and it doesn’t always end happy.

The single will be released on June 11 along with three remixes. Check out the video below!