Skittles: Taste the Rainbow!


In my close circle of friends we all have something in common… We are all fairly new MOs, I don’t know how it came about but the term Skittle got coined!…..
Growing up in the Interior the gay scene is pretty bleak, with the only outlet to meet, share, hook-up is done online for the most part. So, whenever we got a chance to make our way to Vancouver it was a treat. (Gay Bars/Events/Culture, ETC.) Now having moved to Vancouver for a few years and experiencing the things i was missing in the Interior, it is interesting/cool to see and meet people who are experiencing these things for the first time as well.

[It was an Online quiz entitled] “What Candy Are you?” With my result being “Skittles”, I assumed it was because i had Chosen Sweet, and Colourful answers to the quiz, Which is probably the case. But, looking back at the old email i had received my quiz results in I began to reminisce about the old skittles commercials with all the rainbow skittles falling from the sky, and it made me picture all the new MOs (skittles) coming out of nowhere and landing in the big city to essentially “Taste The Rainbow” for the first time in their lives, So I guess that makes me a skittle. I tasted the rainbow and it’s SWEET!

Submitted by: Kodie

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  • i love your last line. this is such an adorable post. thx for submitting it in

  • topher

    I’m totally using “wanna taste the rainbow” as my new pick-up line 😛

  • aww this is so cute.
    – a recently homogenised skittle…green one with tendencies of the pink ones.

  • ps. i am assuming MO is homo? but it could also be an EMO homo kid….which is it? or if neither, what does it mean?

  • Single Laday

    Haha I knew this was your article within the first paragraph KODAY! Mmm, Skittles!

    You got it, ‘MO = homo

  • Kodie

    That’s Because you are a skittle too Single Laday! Aka Benny Lava!