TV BackTalk: Skins US Finale & OMG Who Is Starscream!?!?

Well, it’s all come down to this: the finale of Skins US. We all know it was a rocky start as MTV took some odd liberties with their translation of the original UK brilliance: iconic characters were lost and British humour and drama seemed nearly impossible to express with our limited american vocab. Most of all, the genius of the musical editors from the UK version seemed to have been left across the pond as the US started with limited song backdrops and of the few they did have, they were awfully disappointing. Thankfully, for the most part, MTV took huge strides by this final episode of the show’s first season!

Not needing to rehash the plot line and monstrously “to be continued” feeling left in the air between every character and their respective loved ones and nemeses, instead I want to focus on the best and worst aspects of this finale. First, the worst: the Eura character. A mirror image of the UK’s unparalleled Effy Stonem, the sister of the US Tony, Eura is the focus of the episode and is nothing compared to the deep, ridiculously fashionable and … “sexual free” British original. Further, her relationship and final dramatic joke she plays on her panicked brother is nothing compared to the UK kidnap and near rape plot (god, they just do it better over there don’t they?). BUT, they did get the final minutes right and once and for all reunited this canonical show with its most important components: sex and music.

I won’t harp on for too long about the following videos I found but a little setup is necessary. First off is an ACTUAL performance by the actors that play Stanley and Cadie as they unite after a season of will they/won’t they on stage and harmonize perfectly in a Tears for Fears cover of “Shout”, backed up by Starscream. The scene is epic in its sadness and juxtaposed and simultaneous feeling of hopefulness and depression… yeah, that sounded douchey I know, but it’s just that good.

PLEASE know this is their actual amazing voices and take special note of Starscream’s awesome backup of the tune. (Stanley and Cadie featuring Starscream: “Shout”- Tears for Fears cover)

But, who is Starscream you ask? Well, they’re a band who… I actually can’t find a THING about ha!! While writing this article I spent a good ten minutes (for me that’s a lot, so leave me alone) googling this band to no avail. So, if you’re reading this and have some insider knowledge please feel free to comment below! Basically, it looks like two or three 20-something boys with drunks, a keyboard and a mixer makin’ some killer music. The bottom video attached here is just audio but regardless is my current REPEAT song for at least the next week. PLEASE give it a listen and at very least make it to 1:00 as that’s where the song truly takes over. This song: “Gravity in Terms of Space Time” from the “Future, and it Doesn’t Work” album is basically Crystal Castle meets SNES Metroid and Super Mario… on crack. It’s amazing!!

You MUST play this at full volume with all your car windows down and just let it take you over! (Starscream: “Gravity in Terms of Space”)

  • steven

    first of all the person who wrote this as the worst journalistic skills I have ever heard about. i googled Starscream and got the transformer to so i just add the word “band” and got the bands personal webpage. now being a long time fan of theirs i already had it bookmarked. and so people are aware Starscream is a chiptune band from NY, not sure what chiptune is its a means of making music by hacking and modding out retro gaming consoles from the 80’s such as the orignal gameboy, SNES, and commodore 64 to utilize their sound chips to create music. if you want more information on chiptune check out this article from the BBC News featuring who? thats right Starscream.
    (got that by googleing “starscream band” under news and it was the first result)
    you can get more info about the band and hear their stuff at
    follow them on twitter @StarscreamNY
    or just be a compliant googler

  • Haha thanks for the update Steven.
    To be fair, I did go “crazy” and tried typing in Starscream band so either you (or I ? haha) have a different google than everyone else or the algorithms they use changed in the day between us trying (haha) but when I do it all that came up is my space pages and something called starscream.bandcamp sites that just lead to pics of their album which didn’t really help much for my article sweetie 😉 And myspace isn’t exactly my cup of tea since I live in 2011 and not 1998 haha.

    Thanks for the links, I’m sure those interested who don’t have your special brand of google will be happy to know 🙂