Sister Act 2 Parody: Back In The Habit

OMG I just laughed my ass off to this video. It seems as though Craigery Morgan has started a trend among the gays in lip syncing to actual voices/diaglogue from film & TV and acting it out. Well, Morgan lip synced it, Ryan Steele and Jeff have actually acted out a scene.

This following video is a parody of a scene from Sister Act 2 – random, but hilarious nonetheless. It’s the scene where Lauryn Hill gets in trouble from her mom because she’s practicing singing in her room.

Goodbye Lady Gaga and Katy Perry gay music video remakes, hello gay lip syncing – well, the other type of lip syncing…I don’t mean drag queen performances (I do like those too though).

  • Dan

    Dear Alex – I dedicate this to you…

  • czahn

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! GENIUS!!!!! thats the whitest ive ever seen sheryl lee ralph! girl i thought you was gonna hurt yo self with all that head action! you are not a snake charmer! lol! awesome guys!

    p.s now you know you need to do mommie dearest!!!!!!