I stumbled upon Simon Curtis while browsing through ArjanWrites.com and immediately fell in love with both the music and the boy. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the past week and I must admit, it is pop-genius and almost every song has an addictive and lingering hook. I wouldn’t go too far as comparing him to Lady Gaga but I must admit that just like her songs, each track is written to pop perfection. The hooks, the beats & the lyrics all come together to form a very catchy and fun listening experience. I also love how he’s tied the whole album with these video game music samples and vocal interludes before several tracks called BoyRobot, The Neverending Elevator & Victory. Pop needs to be gimmicky and catchy and I think he’s done the perfect mix to keep his listeners wanting more. I seriously think this guy has a bright future in pop, so watch out world!

Check out more pics, videos & the DOWNLOAD link to his full album (guilt-free download direct from his website) on the next part of the post.

You can follow him on Twitter, Stalk him on FaceBook, MySpace, watch him on YouTube and check out his website below. So adorable! I think I’m in love LOL. Still thirsty for more? Learn more about Simon on Wikipedia.

You can download his debut album “8-bit Heart” guilt-free from his website Simon-Curtis.com


Simon-Curtis.com and ThoseGirlsAreWild.com

Here’s one of my favourite tracks from the album.