Sidney Friedman Reveals His Predictions For 2013

Tonight is the last day of 2012 and with 2013 only a matter of hours away, I thought it’d be fun to share world renowned mentalist, Sidney Friedman‘s predictions for 2013. Friedman apparently has a documented track record at 73% accuracy over 15 years of stating predictions on various mainstream shows like The View, The Today Show, and 20/20 among other shows in addition to his predictions printed in publications like Forbes magazine and the New York Post.

Friedman has a near perfect record of predicting Oscar winners and has only missed twice in that period. He also includes some economic forecasts as well as various other specific events. One that stood out to me was that a major discovery or major event will happen in regards to solar flares. This is actually in line with other people that have been predicting the same and I am not looking forward to that. A power outage that impacted six million people in Canada back in 1989 was caused by a strong solar flare in 1989 and the same type of solar storms are expected in 2013, according to The Examiner. Other unfavorable predictions involve a huge portion of the internet going dark for some time and a plague-like pandemic affects populations in Europe and to some extent in the USA – apparently this occurs in hospitals.

Not all the predictions are as scary as those few, but I wanted to highlight them as they really stood out to me. Check out the list of Friedman’s 23 predictions for 2013 below.

Sidney Friedman’s 2013 Predictions

1. Contrary to current tension, and against all reasoned historical probability, there is an unusual, unexpected calm with a period of peaceful understanding in the Middle East by summer of this year between either Israel and the Palestinians, or Israel and Iran, achieved not by political leaders, but by common citizens.

2. In a quasi shake-up, Jimmy Fallon is named host of NBC-TV’s “Tonight Show,” replacing Jay Leno.

3. A massive amount of dead fish are seen floating in an east coast bay.

4) Though this movie is not getting the publicity others are garnering, I foresee OSCAR gold bestowed upon Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook) for Best Actress. NOTE: AS IS THE CASE EVERY YEAR, I DO NOT SEE ANY OF THE MOVIES PRIOR TO THESE PREDICTIONS.

5. With stiff competition from potential nominees Helen Hunt, Sally Field and others, I see Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables) triumphantly holding the OSCAR for Best Supporting Actress.

6. Even though stalwarts like Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio will be nominated in this category, my vision is Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln) winning the Best Supporting Actor OSCAR.

7. In some of the more odd and highly unpredictable categories, Zero Dark Thirty wins the OSCAR for best original screenplay, and Life of Pi wins for cinematography.
8) I foresee two other OSCAR event images: Something occurs with shaking. And while each year, a huge variety of styles and fabrics are seen on women who stroll the OSCAR red carpet, the men wear the basic black tuxedo. EXCEPT FOR THIS YEAR! For 2013, I see strikingly metallic tuxedos for one or several men.

9. A new, odd, unexpected source of fuel for cars, trucks and/or machinery is announced.

10. Regarding the United States economy, as you know, I began doing economic predictions just after the “bubble burst” of 2008, and each year I have been correct on the overall trend of the Dow and other aspects of the economy (i.e. the unemployment rate), much of it predicting trends and numbers that superseded the forecasts of most analysts and pundits. In addition, in 2008, my stated long-term vision was that a recovery would indeed occur, with the economic engine fully recovering by about 2015 to 2016. So far, that timetable is exactly on track with even more improvement in 2013. … And for 2013, home prices overall continue to rise. Rental prices overall begin to decline after 2012’s high rates. In the sales market, home inventory is still low, but increases by Fall. …Last year, again against most punditry I predicted a drop of the unemployment rate to 7.6%, which was spot on target. 2013 will see the unemployment rate drop to 6.8% with an outside chance of 6.5%. …As if we haven’t had enough of these, yet another banking debacle will occur this year. …The U.S. stock market is due for an after-shock, a re-shuffling, a delayed final tremor from the 2008 market quake. Whether it occurs this year or in 2014 is not in focus as yet, so I will give a 24-month prognostication. At some point during this two-year period, expect a relatively sudden and panicked drop of 6% to 11%, followed by not much movement for several months, followed by a steady but major rebound. Specific to 2013, there will be significant fluctuation in the early part of the year and again in early Fall. At some point during this two-year cycle (2013 and 2014), the DOW twice will rise anywhere from 11% to 14% higher than where are now, and with a good probability of 2013 finishing 7% to 10% higher. So in spite of the after-shock I mentioned, there are times for the investor to make money. Also, expect the color red and the number 211 or 121 to have significance on Wall Street. In time, the meaning will be clear. Most important, remember, it’s a market of stocks, not a stock market. Always consult an investment advisor and add their thoughts to your own knowledge and intuition.

11. What this exactly means, I don’t know, but for a time, a huge portion of the internet goes dark.

12. A recurring vision of mine, too striking to ignore, is that the eating of bugs gains a following.

13. Big voice, new tiny waist. …Although she’s strongly independent of worry about what others think, Christina Aguilera goes on some type of retreat and in the process returns significantly slimmer.

14. Monogram the towels with just a “K.” …After a brief parting, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will announce they are tying the Knot. And btw: Kim’s divorce from Kris Humphries will be finalized by summer. That’s a lot of K’s. (Speaking of which, let’s hope none of this is done in a Kangaroo Court.)

15. Justice and Justin. …There is a court case involving a family member of Justin Bieber. In another matter entirely, I also sense and envision a period of silence regarding Justin along with another vision involving one of his arms in some significant way.

16. A shock of white light is seen in the night sky in several regions of the country this winter or spring.

17. While I truly hope this does not occur, I foresee a medical condition that sidelines Vice President Joe Biden.

18. A huge discovery is made, or a significant event occurs, regarding solar flares.

19. The number 9, the number 2, and a heart-shaped image in the sky in some way will be part of this year’s events.

20. A plague-like pandemic affects populations in Europe and to some extent in the USA. Much of it ironically occurs in hospitals.

21. TECH-nically speaking: A tech company will announce in 2013 (or at the latest by summer 2014), a flexible tablet that rolls up or folds up. While most mobile phone manufacturers are launching larger displays, Apple announces and releases a “mini iPhone” geared toward children and also under-served populations around the world. Also, with speculation on this for several years, 2013 is the year Apple finally launches a “smart TV.” And the big news is in spite of negative reviews and a shaky launch, WINDOWS 8 sees excellent signs of catching on.

22. Overall for the world, we are in a two to three year cycle of rebirth, not just economically, but a repairing of the world, so to speak, in many areas of concern for individuals and societies. Revelations will occur and renovations will begin.

23. And for the umpteenth year, I predict the Chicago CUBS will finally make it to the World Series. …And I’ll keep predicting it until they do. (I also predict, through eternity, I might never be right on this.)

To check out the accuracy of his 2012 predictions, check out his website here:


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  • JC

    These psychics never seem to predict who will die. Which, when you think about it, is actually something you want to know. After all, if a psychic predicted that you get run over by a bus next year, you can rewrite your will and arrange your funeral plans right now (including figuring out who you don’t want attending your funeral…very important.)

  • Skeptical Chris

    The key to any good prediction: keep them VAGUE

    Let me make a prediction:


    the more vague, the better.

  • JC

    73% over 15 years is not that impressive. Most of his predictions are reasonable inferences. For example, many critics think that Anne Hathaway will win the oscar for best supporting actress next year. They do it because she gave a stellar performance and they know what the oscar judges are looking for. But the critics know this not because they see through a crystal ball, but because they judge her performance on her merit.

  • Wokers

    #12 came true because Lisa Simpson ate bugs instead of meat to get a balance diet.