Here’s another segment we filmed over the weekend. In this segment of SIDE DISH, we have Jonny, Stephen and Donovan joined by special guest panelist, Mitch. The four discuss Adam’s much read “Clean and Tested?” article. We decided to dedicate an entire episode on this topic as it garnered a great deal of comments and deserved our full attention.

We also decided to bring on guest panelist, Mitch as he’s newly singled and re-entering the dating scene after a long hiatus. As a person in a long term relationship, I was fascinated to hear the other panelists’ viewpoints about the touchy topic of dating an HIV+ individual. Can you expect to receive full disclosure? Is that fair on the other party’s part? Should their HIV status even be a major factor in the dating decision? There are a few of the situations we discuss in this video.

As always, it was a one take pony- we feel it’s much more real and unrehearsed this way. Heck, we didn’t even know what Jonny was going to throw at us until 30 seconds before filming. Hope you enjoy it and we would love to hear your feedback.

What is SIDE DISH? Whenever you go out for dinner, you have your main entree and your beverage(s). Sometimes you even order a side dish- something that complements the main mean and satisfies your cravings even more. The articles we post daily are the main course while the SIDE DISH video segments are where we dish out on what’s going on and serve it back to you…extra saucy, burnt…who knows what you’ll get!