The past couple of days have been a downpour of riches for all you Hunger Gamers. Not only did another poster for Catching Fire debut, but two cuts from the soundtrack made their way online in full.

We’ve already heard a preview of “We Remain” from Christina Aguilera, but now we have the full version. As expected, it’s flawless. Xtina is back in her wheelhouse, belting out a power ballad with her even more powerful vocals. This is the Christina I fell in love with years ago.

The other leaked track from the highly-anticipated soundtrack is from the phenomenal Sia. Lately, the Aussie singer has mostly stayed behind the scenes penning tracks for the likes of Celine Dion, Ne-Yo, Alexis Jordan and numerous others including Aguilera herself. I’m glad she’s returned back to the mic to deliver a wicked track produced by Diplo and featuring The Weeknd.

Elastic Heart” is an emotional track which complements Sia’s throaty vocals with The Weeknd’s vulnerability. Definitely a keeper. Check out both tracks below and weigh in afterward on which track you think is better. I can’t wait to hear the entire LP. This will definitely give The Great Gatsby a run for its money as best soundtrack of the year.

Sia ‘Elastic Heart’ (ft. The Weeknd & Diplo)

Christina Aguilera ‘We Remain’