I probably shouldn’t say cover since “Diamonds” is kinda her song. The Australian singer-songwriter co-penned Rihanna’s current hit with writer Benny Blanco. Ever since people found out Sia wrote the Stargate-produced track, fans have wondered if a demo of her singing the single would ever surface on the internet. While that hasn’t happened, the 36-year-old gave us a taste of what it would sound like.

While attending the 2012 Norwegian-American Achievement Award Gala (who knew that existed?), Sia took to the stage to perform “Diamonds”. Accompanied by just a piano, Sia’s stripped down rendition is exactly the perfection that I thought it would be. Her rich vocals really give the lyrics new emotion. Even in its raw form, it’s flawless. That said, I would love to listen to a produced version of it. Check out Sia’s cover below.

Sia Sings ‘Diamonds’

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