‘Shocking Family Secrets’: My Episode Airs Tonight On Discovery Fit & Health!

Last February, at 30-years of age, I found out I was adopted and shared the news with you in an article. Shortly after, I was contacted by a production company that was working on a new series for the Discovery Fit & Health network and they were interested in doing a piece on my family’s story. After discussing it with my family, we thought it would be a great way to share the story with family and friends and also a good experience to go through as a family, after a secret that was kept for 30 years was finally out of the bag.

We filmed the segment in my home town of Terrace back in May, and only just recently was I informed that it was going to be airing December 13 (tonight) and that the show is officially called Shocking Family Secrets. This is the fourth episode of the series, with the first episode having premiered on November 22.

The hour-long episode is called “Heart Chords” and the episode description reads: “Secrets will forever change the lives of three families. Rick finds comfort then heartache in his music lessons, Travis’s bizarre medical ailments hold the key to his shocking past, and Patrick’s hometown hides a secret from him for over 30 years.

Watch the episode tonight at 10/9c on Discovery Fit & Health (US). Unfortunately it’s not available to watch in Canada or in other countries, but hopefully it’ll be available to share with you online after it airs. I haven’t seen it yet so I’m pretty eager to see it myself. I’ve included some clips from past episodes below to give you an idea of what to expect.

Family Reputation

Famous Mother

Strained Relationship

Father’s Web Of Lies

  • I’ve got my DVR set to record it. Not sure if there is a way to share it with you or not. But I’ll let you know after it airs…

  • Awesome – thanks so much Brendan!