This “Shit People Say” video phenomenon, instigated by “Shit Girls Say“, has gotten out of control and I think everyone wants it to stop now. Yes, I’m talking to you, person who is currently editing their own version as I write this.

Now I realize it may seem like I’m just contributing to the problem by writing about this video, but I actually find that this can be a nice wrap up to these videos – at least on our site anyway. Enter in – “Shit Nobody Says“.

Created by Tripp and Tyler, this video is clever, well-edited, and genuinely funny. These are phrases that you shouldn’t find anyone saying. “God, I miss dial-up,” or “Twilight deserves an Oscar.” LOL. So, now that we’ve gone full circle, from Shit (everyone) Says to Shit Nobody Says, let’s agree that these videos should be put to bed. Oh, but watch this one more first. Enjoy!