There are hundreds of videos popping up online every day, jumping on the hilarious “Shit Girls Say” train done by Kyle Humphrey & Graydon Sheppard. They’ve released three web episodes so far and I dont’ think they’ll be stopping any time soon.

Other stereotypes & common phrases are being mocked in other videos like “Shit Gay Guys Say,” “Shit Black Guys Say,” “Shit Yogis Say,” and more.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular ones on YouTube. I’m sure there are some that I’ve missed and I’m even more certain that there are more to come, but I think ten is a sufficient number to vote on for the time being.

Shit Girls Say – Episode 1

This is the original that inspired so many. My favorite line is, “Could you do me a huge favor?” The funny thing is many of the things girls say, gay guys do as well. LOL.

Shit Girls Say – Episode 2

This followup certainly didn’t disappoint. My favorite two line in this one were, “I’m not even really that hungry,” and “Get these chips away from me”.

Shit Girls Say – Episode 3

“You’re the best”. I loved that they were able to try a different format with this one. That’ll be key in keeping them interesting.

Shit Asian Girls Say

There’s another guy who did Asian Girls, but I thought this guy did it better. My favorite is when she’s yelling, “Babayyy!!!”

Shit Gay Guys Say

Again, others have done this one but this guy did it best. “Have you gotten your Oprah’s Lifeclass Journal yet?”

Shit Black Guys Say

These girls are good. My favorite line: “You texted me? Hold on let me look… Na, I ain’t get it.”

Shit White Girls Say … To Black Girls

This video was actually done by a writer named Franchesca Ramsey from Huffington Post. She wrote about why she did it here.

Shit Black Girls Say

The main actor, Billy Sorrells plays Peaches in this video and he’s really good. My favorite parts are the part where he whines about the temperature.

Shit Vegans Say

Some of these are extreme, but I’m almost certain I’ve heard Vegans saying some of these things.

Shit Yogis Say

This one was actually done by Lululemon. Love that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

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