Shia LaBeouf Shows His Tits On Instagram

A month ago Shia LaBeouf backed out of Orphans citing “creative differences” with his co-star Alec Baldwin. The gig would’ve been his Broadway debut. With some free time on his hands, it’s clear what the 26-year-old actor has been doing. The Transformers star is hitting the gym hardcore.

Shia has a history of being an exhibitionist. He’s shown his goodies in a music video for Sigur Rós. Recently, he signed on to star in Lars Von Tier’s “Nymphomaniac” where he’s rumored to film actual sex scenes. I can’t wait. His latest antic has him showing off his buff body via Instagram.

WBO Middle weight Champ Peter Quillin shared a photo of the two of them at the Trinity Boxing Club. Who knew Shia hung out with professional boxers? I have to say, Shia’s tits look pretty darn good. Someone’s been bulking up. Check out LaBeouf’s beefy new bod below.

Looks pretty good, right? He looks even better biting down on something. Next time he should opt for a pillow instead of his shirt *wink*. Do you agree? Are you a fan of Shia? What’s your favorite movie from the actor? Sound off below.

  • JMC

    No triceps, skinny forearms, small shoudlers, thin pecs. LaBeouf needs some beef to put on some actual muscle and not be so lean.

  • Mark R

    Sexy as F. I like him jus like that 🙂

  • DouggSeven

    He’s still got that butt ugly face.

  • Christian Linkert

    Dougg beat me to it.

  • Chapps

    Wow, JMC, that kind of warped body image perception is really damaging. Shia’s worked hard for that buff exhibitionist bod, and I think it’s a great erotic work of art. Then again, I thought his non-buff bod was pretty sweet. Lets try to be a little less critical of the details of someone’s physicality.

  • VanCity

    I could get that body… but unfortunately i don’t have the money for a nutritionist, personal trainer, and cook – etc.

    Good ol’ self control… FML

  • dpnhrd

    JMC is exactly what’s wrong with most gay men. I never would have even picked up on ANY of the negative critiques he felt it necessary to point out.

  • JMC

    Has nothing to do with my sexuality. These are strictly muscle building techniques criticism. He’s not splitting his workouts evenly and because of that he’s disproportionate. Again this comes from a muscle building perspective, for anyone who does weights training would say the same thing.

  • Tyra

    Muscle critique my ass. JMC you are an utter filthy troll. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Why else would someone take a positive post and turn it into a negative assertation? What does thin pecs have to do with anything? Are you kidding me?

    Jealous. Hateful. Sad.

    At the end of the day we know who he is. You, on the other hand, no one cares for.

    Return under the bridge and stay. Thank you.