Watch A Swedish Interviewer Smell Shawn Mendes’ Armpit

Can you blame him? If I was that close to his hairy pits, I might take a whiff as well.

During his European promotional tour for his new single “In My Blood,” Shawn Mendes sat down with Swedish radio host Martin Björk. The interview was playful to say the least. Björk asked questions like “Which of your body parts are you most proud of?,” to which Mendes answered his ears. I bet that’s not Shawn’s real answer 😉

Given the nature of the chat, Martin randomly asked Shawn if he could smell his armpit. Surprisingly, Shawn agreed without skipping a beat. I wonder what Shawn would’ve said if Martin asked to smell other parts of his body.

Watch the odd, yet highly-entertaining, interaction below. In case you were wondering, Shawn’s pits smell good 🙂

What did just @shawnmendes say to me??? #intimtmedbjörken #mendesarmy

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  • Fred

    That dude has a armpit fetish, clearly.