Sharon Stone Shares Her ‘Basic Instinct’ Audition Tape

Basic Instinct propelled Sharon Stone to superstardom. It’s hard to imagine any other actress playing Catherine Tramell, but numerous other ladies were actually considered to play the femme fatale. Kim Basinger, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Geena Davis and Kathleen Turner among others were explored, but ultimately, all of them turned down the risky role. Everything happens for a reason as they say.

Stone walked down memory lane this week by sharing her audition tape for the 1992 neo-noir thriller. It’s not surprising the 59-year-old landed the career-defining role. She nailed her audition. She’s absolutely captivating as she flirtatiously delivers each line. Check out the clip below.

Sharon Stone ‘Basic Instinct’ Audition Tape

  • Gotta admit–can’t imagine anyone else in the role. Nailed it.

  • Chris

    She’s a goddess!